CRT Takes Center Stage in #AZLeg African American Protocol Day (video)

Rep. Pam Powers Hannley

February 10, 2022 was African American Protocol Day in the Arizona Legislature. This is a day when leaders from the African American community statewide come to the Legislature to educate us.

Featured speaker Dr. Edmund Baker talked about equality, equity and bias, particularly in the healthcare setting.

Closing comments were made by Cloves Campbell, Jr., publisher of the Arizona Informant, Executive Director of the Arizona African American Commission and son of Arizona State Senator Cloves Campbell, Sr. Campbell called out the Legislature regarding the multiple Critical Race Theory (CRT) being considered currently.

Mr. Campbell called out shutting down speech on difficult historical topics — like slavery — as racist and called out funding prisons but not schools. He also should have mentioned the multiple mandatory sentencing bills as racist.

This video was originally recorded on February 10, 2022. All of my video updates are available on YouTube and Facebook.