When Will the US Take Meaningful Steps to End Gun Violence (video)

Rep. Pam Powers Hannley

In May 2022, within 10 days of each other, there were two mass murders in the US.

On May 14, 10 black people were gunned down and three others injured in a neighborhood grocery store in Buffalo, New York.

On May 24, 2022, 19 children and two teachers were murdered and 17 wounded inside an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas.

When will the United States take meaningful steps to curb gun violence in this country?

When 20 children and six staffers were killed an an elementary school in Sandy Hook, Connecticut, I thought surely change would come, but former Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake were among the Senator who hid behind the filibuster, rather than vote on reform.

Arizona House Democrats have proposed12 bills and one ballot referral dealing with different aspects of gun violence prevention this year.

Any one or all of them could be brought up for debate and a vote now. Why not? Let’s do something about this.

This video was recorded on June 1, 2022.