Given the dismal state of Arizona government and the continued struggles to make progressive change at the federal level, even with Democrats in charge, I decided it was the perfect time to start a political podcast.

Many of you have said how much you value my Legislative updates. Each episode of A View from the Left Side focuses on a specific topic and includes a commentary to set the stage, followed by guest interviews. My podcast commentaries are akin to my short Legislative updates from the capitol in Phoenix. My podcast is available in podcast format through several services like Spotify, Stitcher Radio, I Heart Radio and others. On my YouTube channel, you can see the video versions of the podcast, along with hundreds of other videos.

Podcast Feed: here

YouTube Channel: here

A View from the Left Side Episodes

Episode 1: The State of Politics in Arizona Podcast Format / YouTube

Episode 2: Arizonans Fight Back Against #AZLeg Republicans with Six Referenda Podcast Format / YouTube

Episode 3: Arizona Bowl: Using Sex to Sell Football and Gaming Podcast Format / YouTube

Episode 4: Labor Day: How Unions Are Organizing Arizona Podcast Format / YouTube

Episode 5: Fighting Back Against Repressive Anti-Choice Laws in Arizona and Texas Podcast Format / YouTube

Episode 6: COVID19 in Arizona: Where Are We Now? 18 Months Later … Podcast Format / YouTube

Episode 7: The Filibuster: It’s Time to Remove a Relic of Racism Podcast Format / YouTube

Episode 8: Updates: From Taxes to Reproductive Rights and COVID … What’s the Latest? Podcast Format / YouTube

Episode 9: Fight for $15 in a Right-to-Work State Podcast Format / YouTube

Episode 10: Cybersecurity, Corporate Surveillance & Crypto. How Safe Are We? Podcast Format / YouTube

Episode 11: With Cash in the Coffers, Will Arizona Finally Invest in Healthy Children and Families Podcast Format / YouTube

Episode 12: Independent Redistricting Commission Draft Maps Ready for Public Comment Podcast Format / YouTube