Podcast: News from the Capitol: Rep. PPH Updates (Jan. 10-20, 2022)

Arizona Legislative Updates

If you have missed one of my 2022 Legislative Updates, you can check out this compilation from the first 10 days of session. Enjoy!

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News from the Arizona Capitol: Rep. PPH Legislative Updates, January 10-20, 2022 A View from the Left Side

Season 2 Episode 2 of "A View from the Left Side" is a collection of Legislative Updates from the first two weeks of the 2nd Session of the 55th Arizona Legislature. These brief clips represent a wide range of topics from the Opening Day COVID Super spreader event and subsequent outbreak at the capital to food and housing security, prenatal care and clean elections. These updates were recorded and published on social media in early January 2022. The original videos updates can be viewed on my YouTube channel or my Facebook page.  Rep. PPH Introduces Season 2, Episode 2  | 0:51  #AZLeg Opening Day Super Spreader Event, January 10  | 1:36  Ducey Is Ignoring COVID Math, January 11  | 4:22 My Focus Is Food and Housing Security, January 12  | 7:19 Stay Safe! Many #AZ Legislators, Staff and Lobbyists Test Positive for COVID, January 13  | 12:18 Dirty Money Hates Clean Elections, January 19  | 14:48 Group Prenatal Care Would Benefit Moms and Babies, January 20  | 20:13To view the original video updates, check out my Rep. Pamela Powers Hannley channel on YouTube.