Did you know that when the Legislature is in session, I post daily video updates to Facebook from my desk in the Arizona House? I also send out a regular e-newsletter with compilations of video updates and blog posts to keep constituents informed about the Legislature.

Now, even if you don’t have a Facebook account, you can watch all of my video updates on this website PowersForThePeople. For the past year, since Inauguration Day 2019, I have been posting my video updates to both Facebook and my blog, A View from the Left Sideon this  website PowersForThePeople. I also have an extensive collection of video updates and longer videos on my YouTube Channel, which I organized into playlists to facilitate learning more about specific topics like education, taxes, or public health.

These short, candid videos have been wildly popular on social media. Initially this surprised me …until I got to thinking about the state of news in our country. So many newspapers have been closed or dramatically downsized. People are starved for content they can trust.

My updates give you the straight scoop on the action at the Legislature. I also post policy-related commentaries here. In addition, my YouTube channel has longer videos, like the LD9 town halls.

I worked in communications, medicine, public health, and management for my entire professional career. I owned my own successful writing, photography and graphic design business. I was managing editor for one of the American Journal of Medicine for 12 years (and still work there part time). I was a progressive political blogger for 12 years before I ran for office in 2016. I have a bachelors degree in Journalism from The Ohio State University and a Masters in Public Health from The University of Arizona. I am a member of the National Writers Union Local 1981. I am not fake news.

For most of you, I am your representative in the Arizona House. For long-term LD9 residents, think of my Powers For The People blog and video updates as my version of the Farley Report. Senator Steve Farley emailed the Farley Report to constituents every week that he served in the Legislature.

For all of you, whether or not you live in my district, I am your embedded journalist– your eyes, your ears, and your voice– in the Arizona Legislature.

Here are the 2020 video updates so far. The earlier updates, during session, are numbered based upon the days we actually worked. Later updates from Tucson are dated.

Video Updates from Weeks 1-2 of #AZLeg2021

Jan 11: Inauguration Day 2021: Face Masks & Chain Link (video)

Jan 18: RTS Alert HB2014: Republicans Attack Clean Elections … Again (video)

Jan 18: RTS Alert HB2014: Republicans Attack Clean Elections … Again (video)

Jan 19: Today’s Update Is about Gratitude (video)

Video Updates from Week 3 of #AZLeg2021

Jan 26: #AZLeg Should Focus on COVID, Not Tax Breaks

Jan 28: Emergency Tourism Dollars Won’t Overcome #AZ’s Bad Reputation (video)

Jan 29: #AZLeg Week 3 Ends, as Pandemic Rages in Arizona (video)

Video Updates from Week 4 of #AZLeg2021

Feb 1: RTS Alert HB2113: Seriously? Tax Cuts for the Rich? (video)

Feb 3: RTS Alert for 4 Good Bills (video)

Video Updates from Week 5 of #AZLeg2021

Feb 9: RTS Alert HB2391 & HB2255: Transparency in Government. Yes! (video)

Feb 11: #AZLeg Should Focus on Food & Housing Security, Not Gambling & Tax Breaks (video)

Video Updates from Week 6 of #AZLeg2021

Feb 16: More 5G Preemption & Tax Break Bills in #AZHouse (video)

Feb 17: Economic Development Across Arizona (video)

Feb 18: Should Community Colleges Offer 4-Year Degrees? (video)

Video Updates from Week 7 of #AZLeg2021

Feb 25: Arizona Is #1 in Voter Suppression (video)

Video Updates from Week 8 of #AZLeg2021

March 1: I Stand Against Mandatory Sentencing & for Victim Rights (video)

March 2: What Have Republicans Got Against Engineers? (video)

March 2: Libertarians Shake Up #AZHouse​: Bipartisanship Abounds (video)

Video Updates from Week 9 of #AZLeg2021

March 9: #AZLeg​ Should Fund #PublicEd​, Not Pricey Private Schools (video)

March 11: Protect Victims: Bring Back Child Abuse Reporting Bill (video)

Video Updates from Week 10 of #AZLeg2021

March 16: Rent Your Stuff for $$$: What Could Go Wrong? (video)

March 17: AZ Voters Said NO! to ESA Expansion & YES to Public Ed (video)

Video Updates from Week 11 of #AZLeg2021

March 22: What Next? Privatized School Transportation (video)

March 23: Striker #HB2321​ Is Massive Corporate Welfare Bill (video)

March 24: Republicans Attack Invest In Ed & Ignore Voters (video)

March 25: Unions: A Perennial Target in #AZLeg (video)

Video Updates from Week 12 of #AZLeg2021

March 31: Republican Bills Attack Voting Rights, Freedom of Expression (video)

Video Updates from Week 13 of #AZLeg2021

April 7: Putting More People in Prison Won’t Help Child Abuse Victims (video)

Video Updates from Week 14 of #AZLeg2021

April 12: Paradise Valley & Scottsdale, Do You Want More Blight? (video)

April 14: Republicans Put Ideological Guardrails on Health Information (video)

April 15: Big Brother Is Watching: Gambling Goes Mobile in #AZ (video)

Video Updates from Week 15 of #AZLeg2021

April 20 (Day 100): Barto’s Anti-Abortion Bill Criminalizes Doctors & Victimizes Women (video)

April 21: #AZHouse Republicans Pass #PEVLPurge Voter Suppression Bill (video)

April 23: #AZLeg​ Vote Protects Fetuses, Criminalizes Doctors & Patients (video)

Video Updates from Week 16 of #AZLeg2021

April 26: What Did #AZLeg Do in the First 100 Days?

April 28: Dems Fight Back as Republicans Attack Your Rights (video)

Video Updates from Week 17 -18 of #AZLeg2021

May 4: Arizona Republicans Pass More Voter Suppression Bills (video)

May 6: Arizona Needs a Comprehensive Approach to Affordable Housing (video)

May 7: Cinco de Mayo in #AZLeg: House Passes Bills Attacking Free Speech (video)

Video Updates from Week 19 of #AZLeg2021

May 19: Arizona Republicans Vote Down ERA (video)

Video Updates from Week 20 of #AZLeg2021

May 25: Republican Flat Tax Feeds Economic Inequality in #AZ (video)

May 26: #AZGOP Budget: $0 for Housing Trust Fund, Teacher Pay or Maternal & Child Health (video)

May 27: #AZHouse Adjourns with No Budget. Et Tu, #AZSenate? (video)

May 29: #AZGOP Budget Has Flat Tax & Tax Breaks But Lacks Votes (video)

Week 20 of #AZLeg2021: Legislature Adjourned

Video Updates from Week 22 of #AZLeg2021

June 8: Two #AZGOP Budget Bills Defeated in #AZHouse (video)

June 9: Grand Canyon Inst – AZ Budget Priorities: Tax Cuts v. Productivity & Prosperity

June 10: #AZ Democratic Budget Shows Difference in Priorities, Values & Spending (video)

Video Updates from Week 23 of #AZLeg2021

June 15: Budget Paused as #AZLeg Focuses on Fire (video)

Video Updates from Week 24 of #AZLeg2021

June 22: #AZ Republicans Propose Irresponsible Flat Tax Budget for 3rd Time (video)

June 24: #AZHouse Dems Deny Quorum, Stalling Budget Temporarily (video)

June 24: Roots of Arizona Libertarianism Can Be Found in 1950s Virginia (video)

Thank goodness one of the longest and most vile sessions of the Arizona Legislature ended on June 30, 2021.

2021 Interim Updates: I started a Podcast!

August 20: Podcast: The State of Politics in Arizona (video)

August 27: Podcast: Arizonans Fight Back Against #AZGOP with Six Referenda (video)

Sept. 4: Podcast: Arizona Bowl: Using Sex to Sell Football & Gaming (video)

Sept. 11: Podcast: Labor Day, How Unions Are Organizing Arizona

Sept. 18: Podcast: Fighting Back Against Repressive Anti-Choice Laws in Arizona & Texas (video)

Sept. 25: Podcast: COVID19 in Arizona: Where Are We Now? 18 Months Later (video)

Oct. 11: ‘A View from the Left Side’: New Podcast from Rep. PPH (video)

Oct. 12: Podcast: The Filibuster, It’s Time to Remove a Relic of Racism (video)

Oct. 13: Podcast: Updates from Taxes to Reproductive Rights & COVID … What’s the Latest?

Oct. 19: Podcast: Fight for $15 in a Right-to-Work State (video)

Oct. 24: Podcast: Cybersecurity, Corporate Surveillance & Crypto. How Safe Are We? (video)

Nov. 5: Podcast: Independent Redistricting Commission Draft Maps Ready for Public Comment (video)

Nov. 10: Podcast: With Cash in the Coffers, Will Arizona Finally Invest in Healthy Children & Families? (video)

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