Pamela Powers Hannley
Me at the Clean Elections Office for candidate training in August 2015– the unofficial first day of my 2016 campaign.

This is the official website for Rep.-elect Pamela Powers Hannley who was elected to serve Legislative District 9 in the Arizona House on Nov. 8, 2016. I ran as a Clean Elections candidate and a Progressive Democrat.

I want to bring sanity and fiscal responsibility to the Arizona Legislature and equality and prosperity to the people of Arizona. Follow the blog on this website for updates and news.

To learn about my proposals and ideas for Arizona and Legislative District 9, check out my plans for:

To learn about my family and my work experience, check out: Small Town Girl.

For some quick facts, go to: Just the Facts.

To learn about my background and education, go to: Curriculum Vitae.
(Or go to the short version: Background & Education.)

To join my team, volunteer, or to get regular updates, go to: Join My Team

Follow me on social media:


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi–you need to fix this on your “About” page
    Working part time gives me means I can devote more time and energy to running for the Arizona House.–


  2. Americans have just elected a president whose attacks on people have brought bigotry to the fore. He has described minorities in terms of negative and demeaning stereotypes; this includes women, African Americans, Latinos, lesbian, gay, and transgender Americans, Muslims, and Jews.

    Trump has voiced un-American and wrong-headed proposals. His stated policies would erode minority civil rights, eliminate anti-discrimination protection for the LGBTQ community, restrict women’s rights, and create a police state that threatens unprecedented surveillance and policing of African Americans, Latinos, and Muslims. He also would re-authorize water-boarding and other forms of torture.

    And on top of all this, he would restrict freedom of expression!

    Our values have made us strong. Our Constitution guards our freedom and liberty; it recognizes equality and dignity for all Americans, and strongly disapproves of state-sanctioned discrimination.

    There is no room for bigotry and discrimination in the White House. This is not an issue for Democrats or Republicans alone; it is an American issue. I urge all elected officials to be watchful and strong and to do all that you can to stop Trump’s encroachment on our cherished freedoms, rights and values.

    Thank you in advance for your consideration.

    Carol Petrozzello


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