Pamela Powers Hannley
Me at the Clean Elections Office for candidate training in August 2015– the unofficial first day of my 2016 campaign.

Hi,  my name is Pam Powers Hannley, and I’m your representative in the Arizona House.

I was originally elected to the Arizona House to serve Legislative District 9 in 2016. I am Clean Elections candidate and a Progressive Democrat.

I want to bring sanity and fiscal responsibility to the Arizona Legislature and equality and prosperity to the people of Arizona.

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  1. Hi–you need to fix this on your “About” page
    Working part time gives me means I can devote more time and energy to running for the Arizona House.–

  2. Americans have just elected a president whose attacks on people have brought bigotry to the fore. He has described minorities in terms of negative and demeaning stereotypes; this includes women, African Americans, Latinos, lesbian, gay, and transgender Americans, Muslims, and Jews.

    Trump has voiced un-American and wrong-headed proposals. His stated policies would erode minority civil rights, eliminate anti-discrimination protection for the LGBTQ community, restrict women’s rights, and create a police state that threatens unprecedented surveillance and policing of African Americans, Latinos, and Muslims. He also would re-authorize water-boarding and other forms of torture.

    And on top of all this, he would restrict freedom of expression!

    Our values have made us strong. Our Constitution guards our freedom and liberty; it recognizes equality and dignity for all Americans, and strongly disapproves of state-sanctioned discrimination.

    There is no room for bigotry and discrimination in the White House. This is not an issue for Democrats or Republicans alone; it is an American issue. I urge all elected officials to be watchful and strong and to do all that you can to stop Trump’s encroachment on our cherished freedoms, rights and values.

    Thank you in advance for your consideration.

    Carol Petrozzello

  3. when are you going to expose your sick and twisted board of nursing and how they are destroying nursing careers preferentially and unjustly?

    i was ordered a pysch eval, cornered and bullied into signing an agreement agreeing to drug rehab, being an addict, narcotic sponsorship, serial pysch evals, and much more because I had thc in a hair follicle sample….the board deduced i must have been impaired while treating patients. I had a valid medical cannabis card for treatment of my diabetic neuropathy. Governor Ducey told me my civil rights were violated, felt bad enough to extend my unemployment benefits from the mandated 6months to 2.5 years ! i signed the agreement, as the board told me this was THE ONLY way to get my licenses back because they had suspended them in the name of ‘threat to public safety’ . I signed the agreement, went to my first of 500 narcotic anonymous meetings and then decided ‘ABSOLUTELY NOT ! I AM NOT AN ADDICT BECAUSE I USED MEDICAL CANNABIS, THEY HAD ZERO PROOF I WAS IMPAIRED OR EVER WAS A THREAT TO ANY PATIENT’ I told them what they could do with the agreement and because i renigged on the agreement my licenses were suspended for 5 years and i cannot get them back unless i prove i have been in drug rehab for 2 years for medical cannabis that i have not even ingested since july 24, 2015 !….this same az board orders NO psych eval for another nurse that was watching PORN in patient rooms in an Show Low hospital !!! there are sooo many wronged nurses and this is a huge story and HAS and will continue to have a HUGE impact on the AZ future nursing shortage….social media is a powerful animal….help expose the injustices that the governor and sen barto know about but continue to turn a blind eye to. Be the first to proactive tackle this beast instead of covering in the ‘aftermath’. Several nurses will be more than happy to help you and provide the proof and the stories behind the injustices doled out by this sick, twisted and corrupt nursing board….see the facebook page ‘Arizona board of nursing watchdogs’ page for much much more of what I am reporting….don’t turn a blind eye, expose this corruption, be the person, the station, the mechanism that rights the wrongs !

  4. I wanted to email this to you but your “Contact” link does not work.
    I am concerned about the recent bill introduced in the State Senate (AZ SB 1625) that infringes on the 2nd amendment. As a 47 year Arizona resident that loves Tucson and have my whole family here, I will not hesitate to move away if this passes and you support it. I have worked at Raytheon for 35 years and have a large sphere of influence. People here are understandably upset and are in the same mindset as me. Please do not support this legislation that punishes us law-abiding citizens.

  5. Rep Powers:
    Thank you so much for your service to our State. I read some posts and I noticed one specifically in regards to the Arizona State Board of Nursing (AZBON). Ma’am, with all due respect, there is a problem and has been for a very long time. I hope you will pay attention to those who have expressed themselves here on your website. Many of our legislatures have been made aware, the ombudsman has been contacted and has given info on the Sunset Review. I pray that even if individuals do not attend the sunset review, this board needs to be reigned in ma’am, they destroy careers that individuals have worked extremely hard for at the drop of a hat. That is a terrible shame. God bless you and once again, thank you for your dedication and service to Arizona.

  6. Dear Pamela, I saw there was a worker justice page, off your main page, but nothing was there. Presumably this means no bills are pending? I like all that you are doing. I wish there were a way to keep more informed about upcoming bills to let the news out on our FB pages. I especially would like to know in advance about bills to help migrant agricultural workers, who seem to be our invisible floating population.

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