I Am the Most Independent Voting Democrat in the #AZHouse: Here’s Why (video)

Rep. Pam Powers Hannley

I am the most independent-voting Democrat in the Arizona House and perhaps in the Arizona Legislature. How did that happen? When I first ran for office in 2015, I said I would look at every bill and ask myself, “How does this help the people of Arizona?” And if it didn’t broadly help people OR if it was a carve-out for the connected, there was no reason for me to support it.

Consequently, I have consistently voted against all tax giveaways; all corporate or nonprofit carve-outs (bills that are designed to benefit one entity); all license plates (carveouts for designated nonprofits); empowerment scholarships (ESAs) and Student Tuition Organizations (STOs); privatization of government services (which raise costs for consumers); mandatory sentencing (which is racist and fills the prisons); and anti-union/pro-gig-economy bills (which hurt workers and our economy).

I look for fairness in every bill and vote my values. As many of you know, I am retiring after my third term in the Legislature ends. Many people are vying to serve you in the current LD9/ or the new LD18, 17 or 21, after redistricting. Ask them how they would vote on these issues.

Ask them to vote with the people … not the corporations or the big money.

This video was recorded on February 8, 2022. All of my video updates are available on YouTube and Facebook.