Voter Suppression Is ‘Theme’ for #AZLeg in 2019 (video)

Republicans have two big problems with the 2018 election: too many of you voted, which resulted in too many of them losing.

Each year of the Arizona Legislature seems to have a theme. For 2017, the theme was big tax giveaways. For 2018, it was Red for Ed. The theme for 2019 is voter suppression. One of the Democrats suggested that the Republicans were overreacting to their losses in 2018.

The sheer volume of voter suppression bills is staggering. In the multiple ways, the Republicans are trying to make it more difficult to vote, to register someone to vote, and to submit Citizens’ Initiatives. They also want to solidify big money politics by attacking the independence of Clean Elections Commission.

There are so many awful bills that I needed a cheat sheet to do this video. Many of these are still in play, and you can use the Request to Speak system to comment. HB2724 (anti-Clean Elections) and HB2616 (adds penalties and unnecessary burden to registering people to vote) passed the Arizona House this week and will head to the Senate. (You can stop them there!)

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Upcoming Events: Canvasing & House Party Schedule (video)

There has been a whirlwind of political and community events in recent months.

It has been great meeting and talking with so many of you who have been out and about at Democrats of Greater Tucson meetings, LD9 meetings, Arizona List events, the Tanque Verde Democrats Women Candidates Forum, the St. Patrick’s Day Democratic Party Party, and, of course, at Give Me $5 House Parties in February, Marc, and today. (Check out the photo albums on my Facebook page here.)

Women Candidates Forum
Tanque Verde Democrats Women Candidates Forum with Victoria Steele, Kirsten Engel, Ann Kirkpatrick, Courtney Frogge, and Pamela Powers Hannley. (Stephanie Mach had to leave early.)

April and May will be just as busy, with two more house parties, several canvassing days, and some events.

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