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Did you know that when the Legislature is in session, I post daily video updates to Facebook from my the Arizona House?

Now, even if you don’t have a Facebook account, you can watch all of my video updates on my website PowersForThePeople. For the past year, since Inauguration Day 2019, I have been posting my video updates to both Facebook and my blog, A View from the Left Sideon my  website PowersForThePeople .

These one-to-three minute videos have been wildly popular on social media, which initially surprised me …until I got to thinking about the state of news in our country. So many newspapers have been closed or dramatically downsized that people are starved for content they can trust. By clicking on the blue bar that says “Follow Powers For The People” on my website, you can subscribe to my updates and have them delivered directly to your inbox. (This is news… not fundraising appeals… since I am a Clean Elections candidate.)

My updates give you the straight scoop on the action at the Legislature.

I worked in communications, medicine, public health, and management for my entire professional career. I owned my own successful writing, photography and graphic design business. I was managing editor for one of the American Journal of Medicine for 12 years (and still work there part time). I was a progressive political blogger for 10 years before I ran for office in 2016. I have a bachelors degree in Journalism from The Ohio State University and a Masters in Public Health from The University of Arizona. I am a member of the National Writers Union Local 1981. I am not fake news.

For most of you, I am your representative in the Arizona House. For long-term LD9 residents, think of my Powers For The People blog and video updates as my version of the Farley Report. Senator Steve Farley emailed the Farley Report to constituents every week that he served in the Legislature.

For all of you, whether or not you live in my district, I am your embedded journalist– your eyes, your ears, and your voice– in the Arizona Legislature.

Here are some samples of the video updates and policy-related commentaries on my blog.

Video Updates from Week 1 of #AZLeg2020

DAY 1: On Opening Day of #AZLeg, Right-Wing Ideology & the Peoples’ Response on Display (video)

DAY 2: Microsoft Wants a Sales Tax Break Because ‘Electricity Is Too Expensive in Arizona’ (video)

DAY 3: Virginia Dumped the #GOP & Passed the #ERA (video)

DAY 4: Arizona’s Surprise Billing Law Doesn’t Go Far Enough to Protect Patients (video)

Video Updates from Week 2 of #AZLeg2020

Day 5: Should Prisoners Be Paid Minimum Wage? (video)

Day 6: House Republicans Push to Suppress Speech & Change Ethics Rules (video)

Day 7: #AZLeg Must Raise 1980 Funding Cap for Schools (video)

Policy-Related Commentary

2020 Could Be a Wild Ride in the Arizona Legislature

Progressives & Libertarians Debate Tax Credits at #AZLeg Income Tax Credit Review (video)

‘Religious Liberty’ vs Patient Rights: Healthcare Providers Should Disclose Religious Restrictions to Care

Big Banks, Big Insurance, Big Pharma & Big Housing: Corporate America Is Burying Us in Fees

Maternal & Child Health! The Movie! (video)

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