Sprinting Toward the Finish Line: Events!

Rep. Randy Friese, Senator Steve Farley, and Rep. Pamela Powers Hannley

Today is Sept 22.

Nov 8– Election Day– sounds far away, but it’s only 47 days away.

Oct 12– the day that early voting begins in Arizona– is only 20 days away.

Please help Randy and me stop the Tea Party from taking a foothold in LD9. Vote for two on Nov. 8 and help us cross the finish line victorious. Arizona doesn’t need another anti-choice, anti-access-to-healthcare, pro-gun, pro-school-vouchers-for-all, silent-on-the-issues Tea Partier in the Arizona Legislature. #VoteForTwo #VoteBlue

Leading up to Election Day, there are several events and volunteer opportunities.

Sept 24-25: LD 9 Canvasses
Erin Burton, our wonderful ADLCC field organizer, has organized a weekend of LD9 Weekend of Action for this coming weekend for LD9 candidates (pictured above Rep. Randy Friese, Senator Steve Farley, and me).  Jim and I will be at the canvass both days, and I hope some of our regular volunteers will also help out.

#PowersForThePeople CAMPAIGN T-SHIRTS will be available for volunteers at the weekend canvasses and at the Volunteer Appreciation Party (below).

Saturday, Sept 24– 10 a.m. start
La Madera Park (2700 E La Madera Dr., in midtown).
Sunday, Sept 25– 11 a.m. start
Democratic Party Headquarters (4639 E. First St.)

To RSVP contact Erin Burton at 270-978-7866.

Facebook event here.

Sept 25: #PowersForThePeople Volunteer Appreciation Party
On Sunday, Sept 25,  my good friend Merrill Eisenberg is hosting a Volunteer Appreciation Party at her home in midtown. The house party will be from 4-6 p.m. Please stop by for some great snacks, a cool beverage, and great conversation. The campaign t-shirts will be available to the first 48 people who volunteer this weekend. Please help me win! If you can’t attend, please consider volunteering. You can sign up to receive updates from my campaign here.  (Don’t wory, since I am running clean, I won’t spam you with donation requests.)

Facebook event here.

Ongoing Miscellaneous Canvassing
I am scheduling weekday canvassing for the afternoons and morning canvassing for the weekends.

Currently, I I have Sept 23, 26, 27, 28 and 29 set up for 3-6 pm weekday canvasses. In the Foothills, it is much more efficient (and far less strenuous) to have teams of one driver and one walker to cover turfs. In Midtown, walking or cycling still works, since the temperatures are going down. The staging area for the weekday afternoon canvasses is 3516 E. Prince Village Place #181.

Facebook event here.

Sept 30: Powers For The People at Pride on Parade
My campaign will have a float in Pride on Parade, Tucson’s annual gay pride parade on 4th Ave. My daughter Alexandra Queen has graciously lent her turqouise truck for the float. The float will be appropriately named “The Turquoise Queen”.

Alex, Jim and I would love to have supporters walk the parade route with us and the Turquoise Queen. The theme for the parade is Solidarity through Pride. To show solidarity, I’m suggesting that supporters wear hot pink Powers for the People t-shirts (or some other combination of pink and turquoise) + whatever embellishments would be appropriate for a gay pride parade.

We’ll probably need help decorating the Turquoise Queen that afternoon– if anyone wants to help. The parade starts at 7 p.m., and staging begins at 5 p.m. Stay tuned for more details if you want to participate.

Facebook event here.

Oct 1: Flowing Wells Canvass and Candidate Meet-and-Greet
LD9 PC and former State Rep. Harvey Akeson is organizing multi-candidate Flowing Wells Canvass and Candidate Meet-and-greet Oct 1. We are looking for drivers and walkers for the canvass to help out. Here is the schedule. You can come to the candidate Meet-and-Greet at 1 p.m., even if you can’t canvass.

9 a.m. – Meet at Edgebrooke Village Club House (4668 N. Courtney Dr.) for coffee and a kick-off with the candidates, including CD2 Congressional candidate Matt Heinz, LD9 Rep. Randy Friese, LD9 nominee Pamela Powers Hannley (me) and others.

9:30 a.m. – After brief instructions, we hit the streets at 9:30. and should be done aroun 12:30 or 1.

1 p.m. – Meet-and-Greet with the Candidates. All are welcome. You don’t have to canvass to attended the afternoon meet-and-greet.

2 p.m. – Brief post-canvass debriefing.

For details, contact Harvey, check your email inbox, or stay tuned here. Thanks, Harvey!

Facebook event here.

Pamela Powers Hannley (LD9 House candidate), Rep. Victoria Steele and Kirsten Engel (LD10 House candidate).
Pamela Powers Hannley (LD9 House candidate), Rep. Victoria Steele and Kirsten Engel (LD10 House candidate).

Oct 7: Party for Kirsten Engel and Pamela Powers Hannley
at the home of Victoria Steele and Mark Murphy

Former Arizona State Rep. Victoria Steele and her husband Mark Murphy have graciously volunteered to open her some for a joint house party for LD10 House candidate Kirsten Engel and me from 6-7:30 p.m. on Friday, Oct 7.

There will be more details forthcoming and most likely an email blast from the hosts.

Facebook event here.

Pamela Powers Hannley and Bill Buckmaster, July 2016


Oct 12: Bill Buckmanter Interview
Leading up to the Nov 8 election, local radio host and news man Bill Buckmaster will be doing another round of interviews. I will be on the Buckmaster Show on Oct 12– the first day of early voting– on KVOI. The shows are all archived on Buckmaster’s website here.

Oct 14: LD9 Clean Elections Debate
The details of the LD9 Clean Elections Debate has jumped around a bit because it was mistakenly scheduled for Yom Kippur. The date is now Oct 14, but as of this writing, the location is up in the air. (Watch for updates on this website and on Facebook.)

Facebook event here.

Nov 8: Election Day – Help me win!!!