Fun with Campaign Finance: Questions for Ana

All three of my opponents spent $1000s on consultants leading up to the primary on August 30, 2016.

According to the Secretary of State’s Campaign Finance Database, Ana Henderson, the sole GOP candidate in the LD9 race, spent $6280 (the largest part of her Clean Elections funds) on an ultra-conservative Phoenix-based consultant– Constantin Querard of Grassroots Consulting LLC. His website says that he works for “‘platform Republican[s]’ with uncompromising beliefs in the sanctity of life, pro-family issues, low taxes and the right to keep and bear arms…”

The Capitol Times is quoted on his website as saying, Querard “has helped to create the most conservative Legislature to be seen in years…” The website client list bears this statement out; it’s a who’s who of Cathy Herrod fetal personhood aficionados and NRA backers.

The second biggest chunk of Henderson’s funds– $4800– was spent in Mesa at a non-union sign shop. So– Henderson spent 80% of her $13,908 in Maricopa County. (This is surprising since Henderson often talks about being a former small business owner– like me.)

For comparison purposes, I spent almost all of my $19,806 locally. Except for buying office supplies, party supplies and food at local chain stores, by far, most of my money was spent at small locally-owned businesses. The Gloo Factory– a local union printer– got the largest chunk of my money with $6341; second was National Mailing at $4808; and third was Tucson Local Media at $2224. I spent 68% of my funds ($13,373) with three local businesses. The only non-Tucson businesses that I used were the company that printed the checks for my bank account and the Arizona Democratic Party who gave me access to the Democrats’ giant voter database.

I have a few questions for Ana Henderson…

1- Why aren’t you supporting local businesses with your campaign funds?
2- Do you support Donald Trump for President of the US?
3- Do you believe that women should be allowed to make their own health decisions?
4- Do you support responsible gun ownership?
5- Do you support Medicaid expansion, KidsCare, and expanding access to affordable health care?
6- Do you support strengthening public education?
7- Do you believe in the separation of church and state?

From what I have read on Henderson’s website, the answer to the last five questions is: NO. (I’d like to hear her answers to the first two questions, wouldn’t you?)

Ironically, on her palm card, Henderson bashes LD9’s recent Democratic Party representatives as people who take orders from their party. Since Henderson has hired a consultant who has worked for many of the Arizona Legislature’s most hardcore, lock-step, ideological conservatives, it looks as if she is the one who will be following orders from her party if elected.

The choice is yours, LD9. Do you want a Progressive Democrat with a populist platform focused on helping workers and families? Or a right-wing conservative who will vote with her party to strip you of your rights?

Jim and I attended a few Local First events this summer. Here I am in June with by “Buy Local” pledge card.
Jim Hannley
Here is Jim at Borderlands Brewing Company, getting ready to take the “Buy Local” pledge, with Mayor Rothschild in the background. Jim’s small business is a member of Local First.