Activists Push for #ERA Inclusion in Dem Party 2016 Platform (video)

ERA status

The never-ending, roller coaster ride that is the 2016 Presidential race is careening wildly toward the big national conventions in the hot and sticky Midwest, including my hometown (sort of)– Cleveland, Ohio. Both Republican and Democratic Party conventions are coming up in July– Cleveland (July 18-21) and Philadelphia (July 25-28), respectively. (At least the Cleveland location is not too far from the Lake or the Rock ‘n’ Roll Museum. BTW, nice “City that Rock Built” logo, GOP. Tourist hint: you can take “The Rapid” between many locations along the Lake.)

Anyway, for the past week, the Democratic Party has been soliciting member input on the platform. Each party writes a platform of ideas, positions, and plans based upon a democratic process. In fact, the Democratic Party hosted a huge in-person + streaming video platform meeting in Phoenix over the weekend.

Patricia Arquette & ERA
Actress Patricia Arquette urges support for pay equity and the ERA at the 2016 Democratic Party platform meeting.

Leading up to these meetings, Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) activists asked supporters to send written or video testimony urging the platform committee to include the ERA.

Last year, I wrote a resolution asking the Arizona Democratic Party (ADP) to go on record as supporting passage of the ERA. The resolution passed the Arizona Democratic Progressive Caucus and the full State Committee unanimously. It’s time for the Ariozna Legislature to get on board. A recent poll conducted by the ERA Coalition showed overwhelming support for equal rights for women