Campaign Update: Thank You, Volunteers & Donors!

Pamela Powers Hannley
Counting $5 Clean Elections Contributions in my dining room.
Counting $5 Clean Elections Contributions in my dining room.

It has been almost exactly two months since I announced my campaign for the Legislative District 9 seat in the Arizona House.

Except for being down with a cold bug for a few weeks in October, I have been busy talking with supporters and Democratic Party stalwarts– at LD9 Meetings, the Democrats of Greater Tucson (DGT) Awards Luncheon, Pride in the Desert, Arizona Democratic Party State Committee Meeting and the Arizona Democratic Progressive Caucus Meeting in Flagstaff. I really appreciate the opportunities to speak at the LD9 meeting in October and at DGT in November.

Even though we haven’t done a major fundraising push yet, I’m happy to say that I have raised $1000 of the $4000 allowable seed money for Clean Elections Candidates and collected 100 of the 400+ signatures that I need to get on the ballot.

Now that the local 2015 election is over, canvasing operations and fundraising will be stepped up.