Bioscience Roadmap & Other Events

Pamela Powers Hannley and Corin Hammond

Before I get to the calendar, I would like to update you on an event that I attended yesterday: the Flinn Foundation Bioscience Roadmap Forum. The Flinn Foundation hosted representatives from the business community, the tech start-up community, and the University of Arizona– plus┬ácandidates and legislators. Scientists, entrepreneurs, and local business people presented a status update and Legislative wish list for growing start-up businesses in Southern Arizona (particularly in bioscience and technology).

As many of you know, I have been working in health/medical communications and later research for almost 30 years. Yesterday, it was heartwarming to hear the entrepreneurial success stories of cancer researchers who I worked with at the Arizona Cancer Center (long before they became local legends).

For me, the big take-home message from the event was that my ideas for sustainable economic development through public banking fit right in with the Bioscience Roadmap. By partnering with community banks, public banks can offer low-cost loans to local businesses for expansion and to start-up companies to get off the ground. This system would create a sustainable economic development loop, diversify the economy, create jobs, invest taxpayer funds locally, and strengthen community banks. Southern Arizona has many scientists, entrepreneurs, artists, and musicians. We could be the Athens of the West– instead of the Dusty Pueblo– if we learned to grow our own local businesses, instead of chasing rainbows and call centers.

Let’s Talk! Three “Coffee with the Candidate” events have been scheduled. I envision these as less formal and more interactive that the house parties. Let’s get together and talk about the future of Arizona and what YOU want the Arizona Legislature to do.
June 26: Foothills Coffee with the Candidate
July 10: Legends Bar & Grill Coffee with the Candidate
July 17: Midtown Coffee with the Candidate

Debate time! Two opportunities to hear the LD9 candidates are also coming up in June and July.
June 28: Clean Elections Debate at PCC North
July 14: Nucleus Club LD9 Candidate Forum at the Viscount

Walk time and call time! We will be doing regular canvassing on Saturday mornings and early evening during the week (weather permitting). We also are setting up virtual phone banking.

Watch for announcements on Facebook, my campaign blog, and future email blasts.┬áRemember, since I am a Clean Elections candidate, I won’t be sending you fundraising emails and my events don’t have a price tag. I am looking for volunteers, though.

Thank you so much for supporting my campaign. Please consider adding your name to my website supporter list.