Powers for the People on Substack is the next step in my 17 year blogging career.

Iā€™m retired Arizona Rep. Pamela Powers. Long before I was in the Arizona House, I was a political blogger.

Since 2006, I have published more than 1200 posts on multiple progressive websites Including: Tucson Progressive (2009-2019), Powers for the People (2015-present), Arizonans for a New Economy (2014-2020), Blog for Arizona (2010-present), Tucson Citizen, the Huffington Post and Muse Views. Since 2010, I have been publishing videos on my original YouTube Channel and the channel I created when I began my political career and continued through my years in office.

That is a lot of content. My plan is to make Powers for the People on Substack not only a home for new writing but also a place to collect and archive my writing, photography and video since 2006. This will be a process, obviously. The first big dump of blog posts and videos from Tucson Progressive ā€” 700 posts from 2009-2015 ā€” took place at the end of May 2023. These posts include Occupy Tucson, early struggles over homeless camping in downtown Tucson, Fight for $15closing galleries on Congress, protests over cuts to education funding, and a lot more. Paid subscribers will get access to this archival content and a lot of Tucson history.

All of my new updates since June 2023 are now on Substack.

Check out Powers for the People on Substack here. If you become a free or paid subscriber, updates will be automatically sent to you. Paid subscriptions are $5/month or $50/year; group discounts available. Links in the articles.
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Past Legislative Updates from my days in the Arizona House

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Arizona House
Arizona House members stand and watch a country music video about cowboys, sunsets, the Grand Canyon.

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