For many of you, I am your representative in the Arizona House.

For all of you, whether or not you live in my district, I am your embedded journalist– your eyes, your ears, and your voice– in the Arizona Legislature.

Below is a complete list of 2020 Legislative updates and videos — all 95 of them. The early updates during session are numbered based upon the days we actually worked. Later updates that were videotaped in Tucson during the COVID adjournment and the interim are dated.

It’s a real walk down memory lane. Many of the bad bills that were killed by COVID19 are being re-introduced in 2021.

Video Updates from Week 1 of #AZLeg2020

DAY 1: On Opening Day of #AZLeg, Right-Wing Ideology & the Peoples’ Response on Display (video)

DAY 2: Microsoft Wants a Sales Tax Break Because ‘Electricity Is Too Expensive in Arizona’ (video)

DAY 3: Virginia Dumped the #GOP & Passed the #ERA (video)

DAY 4: Arizona’s Surprise Billing Law Doesn’t Go Far Enough to Protect Patients (video)

Video Updates from Week 2 of #AZLeg2020

[Monday was MLK Day.]

Day 5: Should Prisoners Be Paid Minimum Wage? (video)

Day 6: House Republicans Push to Suppress Speech & Change Ethics Rules (video)

Day 7: #AZLeg Must Raise 1980 Funding Cap for Schools (video)

Video Updates from Week 3 of #AZLeg2020

Day 8: How Should Arizona Pay for Education? Tax the Rich? Or Tax the Poor? (video)

Day 9: Build Your Own Border Wall… Seriously? (video)

Day 10: Tax Cuts R Us… #WhatCouldGoWrong (video)

Day 11: HB2269 Creates Process to Give Unused Medicine to the Poor (video)

Day 11 Extra: Regulatory Affairs Committee: From Sprinklers to Noise Complaints (video)

Bonus Week 3 Updates: Build Your Own Border Wall Bill Dead for Now in #AZLeg (video)
[This is an update from Day 9. As with much bad legislation, this bill rose from the dead as a Zombie Bill and
passed the House on reconsideration on Feb. 6, 2020.]

Video Updates from Week 4 of #AZLeg2020

Day 12: What’s on the #AZHouse Ways & Means Agenda? More Tax Cuts! (video)

Day 13: If Arizona Is ‘Pro-Life,’ Let’s Look Beyond the Womb (video)

Day 14: No on HB2388 & Yes on HB2068: Someone Else’s Religion Should Not Dictate Your Healthcare (Video)

Day 15: #HB2388: Big Brother Meets Aunt Lydia (video)

Video Updates from Week 5 of #AZLeg2020

There was so much tax cut action in Ways and Means in Week 5 that there are a couple of extra updates.

Day 16: Arizona Is #50 in Adverse Childhood Experiences: #HB2013 Would Hurt Kids Further (video)

Day 17: Tax Cuts R Us: Third Round of Massive Tax Cuts in House Ways & Means (video)

Two #GOP License Plate Bills Killed in #AZHouse, One Rises from Dead as Zombie (video)

Day 18: #AZLeg UPDTAE: 12 Tax Giveaways Pass House W&M Committee in 3 Weeks (video)

Arizona Republicans Attack Voting Rights & Clean Elections (video)

Day 19: How Can the #1 ‘Pro-Life’ State Be #50 in Child Wellbeing? (video)

Video Updates from Week 6 of #AZLeg2020

Bonus/Action Alert: What Is the Cost? 18 Tax Giveaways Pass #AZ House Ways & Means (video)

Day 20: With #HB2872, #AZGOP Uses #ALEC Legislation to Attack Labor Unions (video)

Day 21: #AZLeg: Look Beyond Tax Credits & Take Comprehensive Approach to Housing (video)

Day 22: #HB2840: Medical Marijuana Patient Choice Bill on Feb 20 HHS Agenda (video)

Day 23: Cannabis Reform & Tax Cuts: Highs & Lows in #AZLeg (video)

Video Updates from Week 7 of #AZLeg2020

Day 24: Is 5G ‘Risky Business’? (video)

Day25: Gloves & Hankies: Lessons from the 1918 Flu Pandemic (video)

Day26: #AZHouse #Republican Bills Create Unnecessary Bureaucracy & Regulation (video)

Day27: #HB2752 Gives Away Future Revenue Automatically– Bad Idea! (video)

Bonus Update: Is $1 Billion in New Tax Giveaways Too Much? (video)

Video Updates from Week 8 of #AZLeg2020

Day 28: Tax Giveaways, Gentrification, & Housing in Tucson (video)
This is the text and video of a speech that I gave on gentrification and tax giveaways on Sunday, March 1, 2020.

Day 29: COVID-19: Businesses… Please… Encourage Sick Workers to Stay Home (video)

Day 30: #HB2706 Targets All Girls who Don’t Match Feminine Ideal (video)

Day 31: #HCR2020: Should the Government Be Run by Political Appointees? (video)

Video Updates from Week 9 of #AZLeg2020

Day 32: #AZLeg Should Add Coronavirus Prevention & Control to Budget (video)

Day 33: More Transparency in Commerce Authority Tax Giveaway Deals Is Needed (video)

Day 34: #HCR2045 Limits #Marijuana Research, Adds #MMJ Sales Tax & Spends #MMJ Funds (video)

Day 35: #Arizona Steps Up #Coronavirus Response with Emergency Declaration & $55 million (video)

Video Updates from Week 10 of #AZLeg2020

Day 36: Democrats Push for #Coronavirus Crisis Response Plan in Budget (video)

Day 37: #AZHouse OK’s Remote Voting for Members, #AZLeg Remains Open (video)

Day 38: #AZHouse Republicans Push ‘Skinny’ Budget with Little Attention to #Coronavirus (video)

Video Updates from Week 11 of #AZLeg2020

Day 39: #AZ Legislature Passes ‘Skinny’ Budget with #Bipartisan #Coronavirus Plan (video)

After passing the skinny budget and a handful of bills on March 23, 2020, the Arizona Legislature adjourned
until April 13, 2020 due to the novel Coronavirus outbreak.

On May 8, the Senate voted to sine die. As of May 12, 2020, the House is in limbo. 

Video Updates: Shelter in Place in Tucson Edition…

March 25: #Coronavirus Resources & Info: Keep Your Distance & Stay Healthy (video)

March 28: Arizona’s Stumbling Response to #Coronavirus Will Cost Lives (video)

March 30: With #AZ #COVID19 Cases Now at 1157: #ItsTime for Statewide #StayAtHome Order (video)

April 1: Parents, How’s It Going? ADE Offers Flexibility to Parents & Students (video)

April 3: #AZLeg, Inquiring Minds What to Know: Are We Done Yet? (video)

April 20: Keep Yourself & Others Safe: Wear a Mask (video)

April 23: Prison & Long-Term Care #COVID19 Data Needed to Judge Virus Spread in #AZ (video)

April 24: If the #AZLeg Opens on May 1, Dems Will Wear Masks (video)

April 25: Computer Models Predict Dire #COVID19 Conditions for #AZ Residents & Prisoners (video)

April 28: Join the LD9 Team for a COVID19 Virtual Town Hall on April 30

April 29: #COVID19 Shows #AZ that Over Reliance on Sales Tax Is Bad Policy (video)

May 3: LD9 #COVID19 Town Hall on Testing, Unemployment & the #AZ Budget (video)

May 4: Dump Trump. Save & Expand Postal Services (video)

May 5: Ducey’s May 4 ‘Open Up #AZ’ Decree Is Risky Business (video)

May 11: #AZ Senate Votes to End Session. What about the House? (video)

May 14: #AZHouse HHS Committee to Hear Experts on Opening Economy on May 14 (video)

May 16:  #COVID19: Should Grandma ‘Take One for the Team’? (video)

May 19: Arizona House Resumes 54th Session on May 19. Now What?

May 20: #AZ House Passes Insurance Bills, Ignores Calls for #COVID19 Special Session (video)

May 21: #AZ House Republicans Continue to Hear Pet Bills & Ignore #COVID19 (video)

May 30: Arizona’s 54th Legislative Session Ends: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

May 31: #COVID19: ‘Vote-by-Mail’ Is Safe Way to Vote during a Pandemic

June 7: #BlackLivesMatter Protests Call for End to Structural Racism…Again (video)

June 8: #COVID19 Shines Spotlight on Inadequacies of Profit-Driven Health Care (video)

June 14: #COVID19 Pandemic Is Both a Problem & an Opportunity

June 19: Did You Miss the June LD9 Town Hall? Check Out the Videos (video)

June 25: When a Crisis Hits, #PublicBanks Respond Quickly (video)

June 29: Where Are the COVID19 Wizards to Help Us Re-Imagine Ourselves & Our Future? (video)

June 30: How Many Ways Can Arizona Flub Its COVID19 Response Simultaneously? (video)

July 1: Defund the Police? Balancing ‘Social Control’ & ‘Social Investment’ (video)

July 3:  ‘Stop Hate for Profit’: Corporations Pressure Facebook with Ad Boycott

July 15: Capitol Times & Clean Elections Hold Online Legislative Forums (video)

July 16: Join the Resistance: The Politics of T-Shirt Design (video)

July 17: Big Money Politics Targets the ‘Tucson Progressive’ in 2020 Election (video)

July 25: July LD9 Town Hall Focuses on Opening Up K-12 Education & COVID19 Q&A (video)

August 4: Thank You for Your Support! Now, Please Vote! (video)

August 11: Thanks, LD9, for Making Me the Top Vote-Getter on Aug 4! Onward to Nov 3! (video)

August 14: Five Online Events Coming Up with Rep. PPH

September 3: 2020 Citizens Initiatives Explained at LD9 Town Hall (video)

September 4: Together We Can Build a Stronger Arizona for Future Generations (video)

September 7: Labor Day 2020: Protests against Corporate Welfare Replace Labor Picnic (video)

September 14: Arizona Daily Star Editors Interview LD9 Candidates (video)

September 18: Watch the LD9 Clean Elections Debate (video)

September 29: Forum on 5G on Sept 30: Health, Privacy, Preemption & Blight (video)

October 3: 5G Forum Reveals Risks, Concerns Regarding Widespread 4-5G Towers (video)

October 7: Priorities for a New Day in Arizona (video)

October 22: Child Poverty Report Reveals Failure of #Republican Leadership in #AZLeg to Care for Children (video)

October 30: Helpful Voting Links: Nov 3rd Election Day Is Fast-Approaching

November 1: Too Many Arizonans Suffer from Food, Housing & Economic Insecurity (video)

December 1: Thank You, LD9! I’m Proud to Serve You for Another Term (video)

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