I’m Back (video)

Pamela Powers

I retired from the Arizona Legislature in January 2023 after serving for six years. In many ways, I was an embedded journalist in the Arizona House, not just a Legislature. During those six years, I created hundreds of update videos and two seasons of my podcast A View from the Left Side.

After a few months of shifting gears, transitioning out of the Legislature, and making changes in my personal life, I’m back in action.

Look for more video updates and podcast episodes about the Legislature and many other topics. I’m free to say what I want now that I am no longer a politician. Also, I’m working on a Powers for the People Substack and will let you know when that is operational.

Stay tuned for more news and commentary.

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What Did the Arizona Legislature Do in the First 100 Days of 2022? (video)


The Arizona Legislature has a 100 day target for the length of each session. With more than 1000 bills proposed and more than 300 signed into law each year, the Legislature rarely finishes in 100 days.

April 19, 2022 is day 100 for this year. We are lurching slowly toward a budget, with more than 100 bills waiting to be heard and a few large projects — like education funding, the proposed Water Authority, and a potential “repeal and replace” revival of the Flat Tax — hanging in limbo. As I write this note, it is  Wednesday, April 13, and the Arizona House is temporarily adjourned until Monday, April 18. This is a repeat of last week, when we gaveled in for business on Monday, April 4 and promptly adjourned until Thursday.

NOBODY wants a repeat of 2021.

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