Yes, I am running clean again.

Even though Republicans keep making it harder and harder to run clean, it’s not in my genes to run a traditional, privately-funded campaign.

Clean Elections Candidates, like me, are required to collect a minimum of 200 $5 Clean Elections qualifying contributions from people who can vote for us.

 Please donate $5 to Clean Elections on my behalf here.

With the required number of signatures and $5 donations from LD9 voters, I can qualify for public funds to run my re-election campaign ($18,121 for the primary and $27, 182 for the general election). Since I receive Clean Elections funding, I do not accept donations from political action committees (PACs), Super PACs (dirty money), special interest groups, corporations, or unions.

Donate “seed money” to Powers Hannley for House 2020
via PayPal here

If you don’t live in my district, but you want to support my re-election campaign, you can donate up to $170 via check to Powers Hannley for House 2020, P.O. Box 42284, Tucson, Arizona 85733 or via PayPal to Please make sure to include your occupation and employer for campaign finance reporting purposes.

Thanks for your support!