Deja Vu All Over Again: I’m Running for Re-Election in 2020

Rep. Pamela Powers Hannley

As the temperatures cool down, the 2020 elections are heating up.

Thank you all so much for supporting my 2018 re-election campaign. With the hard work of a record number of PowersForThePeople volunteers, plus the underlying strategy of LD9 Precinct Committee folks, LD9 had the highest Democratic turnout in the state (82%), and I won both the primary and the general elections handily.

LD9 election results
2016 and 2018 election results compiled from Arizona Secretary of State data.

It’s time to do it again in 2020.

Since the Legislature moved the primary election day forward to August 4, 2020, other election deadlines also have been moved forward. Nominating petitions must be filed between March 7, 2020 and April 6, 2020. Unfortunately, the Legislature will most likely still be in session.

My goal is to collect all of the necessary signatures and Clean Elections $5 qualifying contributions by opening day in January.  I want to focus on you and your wellbeing during session… without campaign deadlines hanging over my head.

Yes, I am running clean again.

Even though Republicans keep making it harder and harder to run clean, it’s not in my genes to run traditional. Running clean means that I take no big money donations.

Clean Elections Candidates, like me, are required to collect a minimum of 200 $5 Clean Elections qualifying contributions from people who can vote for us.

With the required number of signatures and $5 donations from LD9 voters, I can qualify for public funds to run my re-election campaign ($18,121 for the primary and $27, 182 for the general election). Since I receive Clean Elections funding, I do not accept donations from political action committees (PACs), Super PACs (dirty money), special interest groups, corporations, or unions.

Please donate $5 to Clean Elections on my behalf here.

If you don’t live in LD9 but want to donate seed money to my campaign, you can send individual donations up to $170 per person via check to Powers Hannley for House 2020, P.O. Box 42284, Tucson, Arizona 85733 or via PayPal to Please make sure to include your occupation and employer for campaign finance reporting purposes.

1) Register to vote or update your registration 

Click on this link to register to vote in Arizona or update your registration. You will have several opprotunities to vote between now and the next presidential election on November 3. 2020.

2) Sign My Petition Online

If you live in Legislative District 9 (LD9), you can sign my petition here.   There is no need to know your LD number; if you aren’t in my district, the website will show you available petitions to sign.

3) Donate a $5 to Clean Elections Online

LD9 residents can also donate $5 to Clean Elections on my behalf here. This link gives you a list of all Clean Elections candidates you can contribute to– regardless of what your Legislative District is.

4) Donate Seed Money Online or on Paper

Anyone who is eligible to vote in the US can donate seed money to my 2020 campaign by going to PayPal and sending funds (up to $170 per person) to here.

OR sending a check made out to Powers Hannley for House 2020, P.O. Box 42284, Tucson, Arizona 85733. Be sure to include your occupation and employer for campaign finance reporting purposes.

5) Volunteer and Join My Mailing List

Volunteers are the backbone of any campaign. Go here to volunteer and to put your name on my mailing list. Don’t worry. Since I am a Clean Elections candidate, I won’t spam you with daily fundraising emails.

6) Learn More

To learn more about my policies and more about what happens in the Arizona House, check out my Powers For The People blog and website here.

Thank you for your support. We can do this in 2020. Let’s take back our democracy! And save the planet…