Does Arizona Really Need Cheaper Guns? (video)


Two of the gun bills winding their way through the Legislature are HB2166 (sales tax exemption for all weapons and related paraphelalia) and SB1123 (guns on campus). I’m suggesting a big NO to both of these on Request to Speak.

HB2166 picks winners and losers. Why should the state of Arizona exempt all weapons and related gear from Transaction Privilege Tax and Use Tax when Arizona doesn’t even universally exempt food purchased at grocery stores from sales tax?

SB1123 is a dangerous bill. It would allow guns on college campuses. Why do students, staff or faculty need guns on campus? Gun are a tool of intimidation … not a tool of learning.

I have three big reasons why I am against guns on campus: the Kent State Massacre of students by the Ohio National Guard on May 4, 1970; the slaughter of three University of Arizona College of Nursing faculty on October 29, 2002; and the largest campus massacre ever at Virginia Tech on April 16, 2007.

This video was recorded on January 31, 2022. All of my video updates are available on YouTube and Facebook.