#AZLeg Opening Day Super Spreader Event (video)

Arizona House Opening Day 2022

This is my first Legislative Update of 2022. usually, on opening day of the legislature, I introduced my guests. Today, my only guest was my husband Jim. I had planned to bring my oldest grandchild to the legislature today but decided it was too risky for his health. He missed Opening Day at the Legislature today because the Republicans decided to host a Super Spreader event.

This is the third year of the COVID-19 pandemic. Multiple times Governor Doug Ducey’s decisions have resulted in Arizona being worst in the world or worst in the country for COVID-19 deaths and/or infections. Today, Arizona saw 14,000 new COVID cases. Today, Governor Ducey, Speaker Bowers, President Fann, all republican legislators and their guests and some Democratic legislators and their guests were maskless and chummy on the floor of the Arizona House which apparently no longer has HEPA filters.

Since Opening Day was a super spreader event, I watched the speeches and ceremonies from my office with my husband. The blatant disregard for public health, epidemiology, and basic common sense was shocking. If adults want to knowingly infect themselves with a devastating disease and risk death, that’s one thing, but putting young children at risk for COVID by bringing them into an unsafe event is irresponsible. I thought Arizona was “pro life.”

Another benefit to watching the Super Spreader speeches from my office is that Jim Hannley and I could laugh out loud during Ducey’s read meat dog whistle speech.