Too Many Arizonans Suffer from Food, Housing & Economic Insecurity (video)

economic insecurity

Even before COVID19, too many Arizonans were living with food, housing and economic insecurity. Under failed Republican leadership at the state and federal levels, the pandemic rages on and increases.

For the first time in 50 years, Arizona voters have the opportunity to shift the balance of power in the Arizona Legislature and hand the leadership to the Democrats.

Hmmm … 50 years of Republican control. Is that we are #50 in so many health and wellness categories — like adverse childhood experiences?

I grew up in Amherst, Ohio, a small town on the banks of Lake Erie. Although we lived modestly in a tiny house, we always food on the table and a roof over our heads.

Both of my parents worked in unionized factories, and my Dad was a member of the United Steel Workers. My family always had union benefits like full time work, decent wages, health insurance, paid sick leave, paid vacation, pensions, and affordable college for my brother and me.

Thousands of Arizona children don’t have these basic benefits that I grew up with.

Even before the COVID19 pandemic, far too many Arizona Moms and their children were living in poverty with food, housing, and financial insecurity.

I proposed comprehensive legislation to expand maternal and child health and tackle Adverse Childhood Experiences, but the Republican leadership blocked those bills.

Arizona families are faced with epic economic uncertainty as the pandemic continues. Our social safety net laws are some of the stingiest in the country. Arizona is forcing people to live in poverty and sickness.

I support raising unemployment insurance, expanding Medicaid eligibility, and increasing cash assistance to poor to help Arizonans weather the COVID19 storm. The Legislature will have many tough financial and public health decisions to make in 2021.

As a Progressive Democrat and a Clean Elections candidate, I want to continue to do the people‚Äôs work in the Arizona House. I ask for your vote on or before Nov. 3,2020 and encourage you to Vote Blue. Let’s take the presidency, the Congress and the Arizona Legislature. It’s time for a New Day.