Do you want to know what I have been up to? Below is a collection of news clips. Also, you can follow my video updates on YouTube here and blog/video updates here.

Sex ed legislation fizzles early in effort to avoid controversy (June 22, 2020), Capitol Times

2 Republicans join Dems to kill social promotion ban (February 10, 2020), Capitol Times

Bill would require cops to use meter in noise complaints (February 4, 2020), Capitol Times

Bill bans sex ed in elementary, middle schools (January 8, 2020), Capitol Times

Lawmaker wants health care providers to disclose morals, beliefs (December 30, 2019), Capitol Times

Medical Marijuana industry gears up for ballot measure for recreational use (July 9, 2019), Capitol Times

House preliminarily approves pro-life proposal (May 23, 2019), Capitol Times

Proposed law would curb Corporation Commission’s subpoena power (April 15, 2019), Capitol Times 

Bill to free hairstylists from state regulation on Ducey’s desk (April 10, 2019), Capitol Times

House dumps bid to make marijuana extracts legal (March 22, 2019), Capitol Times

House passes bill to cap vehicle registration fee (March 12, 2019), Capitol Times

House approves tax exemption for pesticides, fertilizers (February 25, 2019), Capitol Times

ERA legislation assures equality for all (February 25, 2019), Capitol Times

Law to levy tax for city band nears final note (February 18, 2019), Capitol Times

Young people exempt from minimum wage under Republican bill (February 11, 2019), Capitol Times

Podcast Interview about Education, Gosh Darn Podcast (GDP) by University High School students Rose Long and Grace Probsting (October 25, 2018)

The Great Divide: Democrats and Republican running for LD9 disagree on everything (October 25, 2018), Tucson Weekly.

Star Endorsements: Victoria Steele, Randy Friese, Pamela Powers Hannley in Arizona Legislative District 9 (October 17, 2018), Arizona Daily Star.

Interview on the John C. Scott Show (Sept. 8, 2018)

LD9 Newcomer JP Martin Loses to Incumbents in State House Race (August 28, 2018), Tucson Weekly

Interview on the John C. Scott Show (August 21, 2018)

Interview on the John C. Scott Show (August 4, 2018)

Three to Nine: A political newcomer wants to unseat an incumbent in the LD9 House race (August 2, 2018) Tucson Weekly.

Detention Tension: Lawmakers Tour Local Facility Holding Unaccompanied Minors and Immigrant Children Separated from their Families (July 18, 2018), Tucson Weekly. (Watch my video on this topic here.)

Shattered Statutes. The cannabis industry jumps into action as the Arizona Court of Appeals rules extracts illegal (July 5, 2018), Tucson Weekly.

Interview on the John C. Scott Show (June 30, 2018)

Democrats on Pima County board, Tucson council condemn family separations (June 20, 2018), Arizona Daily Star. [In the print edition, this was entitled “‘Zero-tolerance’ border policy condemned by elected Dems in city, county.”]

Meet the Migrant Child Detention Center Whistleblower Speaking Out Against Family Separations (June 18, 2018), Democracy Now.

Despite Tucson judges’ request, parents still left guessing about kids split at border (June 17, 2018), Arizona Daily Star.  [In the print edition, this was entitled “Progress lacking in effort to join kids, parents.”]

Ducey doesn’t favor Arizona ratifying Equal Rights Amendment (June 12, 2018), Arizona Daily Star

Interview on the John C. Scott Show (June 9, 2018)

Big push on ballot referrals ends with just 2 passed (May 25, 2018), Capitol Times

Preseason Scrimmage: Democrats in the competitive Legislative District 9 meet in forum (May 17, 2018), Tucson Weekly.

Arizona is about to get a new type of dental professional (May 17, 2018), Arizona Daily Star

Steller’s Friday Notebook: McSally being painted by rival as flip-flopper on DACA (May 17, 2018), Arizona Daily Star

Steller’s Friday Notebook: Legislature’s budget rush robs families of child care (May 10, 2018), Arizona Daily Star

Steller’s Friday Notebook: TUSD tax rids unfair burden on other Arizona taxpayers (May 3, 2018), Arizona Daily Star

Lawmakers reject eye-movement tests for marijuana (April 15, 2018), Daily Courier

Medical marijuana: Packaging, testing and doctor recommendations could face new rules (April 13, 2018), AZ Central.

Legislative Roundup: Gift cards, Equal Rights Amendment, fake service animals (again), NDAs (April 13, 2018), Arizona Sonora News.

Steller’s Friday Notebook: Strange alliances won Rio Nuevo extension (April 12, 2018), Arizona Daily Star.

House kills bill to allow eye tests for pot impairment (April 11, 2018), Capitol Times

Arizona Republicans block vote on Equal Rights Amendment — on Equal Pay Day (April 10, 2018), Arizona Republic.

Arizona House: Women need to answer list of questions before getting an abortion (April 10, 2018), Arizona Daily Star.

Arizona House OK’s new abortion inquiries bill (April 10, 2018), Daily Sun.

House approves abortion questionnaire bill (April 9, 2018), Arizona Capitol Times.

Dem House freshmen break tradition, turn up the ‘volume’ (March 30, 2018), Capitol Times

Arizona Wrong-Way Drivers Now Face Felonies after Ducey Signs Bill (March 27,  2018), AZ Central.

Lawrence Hecker: Rio Nuevo is key to downtown revitalization (April 3, 2018), Arizona Daily Star [This op-ed by prominent lawyer Larry Hecker is meant to counter my op-ed from March 21 below. Unfortunately, his article doesn’t address my points– particularly: what is the total cost of giveaways related to Rio Nuevo (in addition to RN funds) and what is our true return on investment?]

Re: March 21 guest column “Rio Nuevo Clings to Outmoded Notion of Retails Sales Tax as Economic Driver (March 27, 2018), Arizona Daily Star Letter to the Editor

Is It Time for the Sun to Set on Rio Nuevo? (March 21, 2018), Arizona Daily Star guest opinion by me.

House Bill 2067 to Prosecute Doctors who Will Prescribe Cannabis (March 13, 2018), Marijuana News Online.

Medical marijuana testing, packaging bills advance (March 13, 2018), Arizona Daily Star.

State Lawmakers Move On Medical Marijuana Regulations (March 13, 2018), KJZZ.

#MeToo Has Revived the Equal Rights Amendment (March 5, 2018), Mother Jones.

Arizona House Approves Rio Nuevo Extension (February 23, 2018), Arizona Public Media.

Bill Requiring Testing of Medical Marijuana for Contaminants Passes Arizona Senate (February 23, 2018), Arizona Daily Star.

Pot-Prescribing Doctors Could Face Harsh Penalties in Arizona (February 22, 2018), The Fix

House Panel OKs Stronger Penalty for Docs Not Following Rules on Medical Marijuana (February 19, 2018), Daily Miner.

Punish Doctors who Prescribe Weed Too Easily? (February 17, 2018), Bugle.

Arizona House Panel OKs Felony for Rule-Breaking Pot Doctors (February 16, 2018), Arizona Daily Star.

Arizona House Panel OKs Felony for Rule-Breaking Marijuana Doctors (February 16, 2018), KTAR News

Did Armed Trump Supporters Ask a Navajo Legislator If He’s Legal? (February 2, 2018)

Roberts: Did Arizona Trump Supporter Really Ask a Navajo Legislator If He Was ‘Legal’? (February 2, 2018), Arizona Republic (See Snopes link.)

Armed Trump Supporters Confront American Indian Arizona Lawmakers at State Capitol (January 29, 2018), Native News Online

Zona Politics: State Rep. Pamela Powers Hannley and State Sen. Andrea Dalessandro (February 1, 2018) Zona Politics with Jim Nintzel

Some Legislatures Lack Sexual Misconduct Policies, Training (January 11, 2018), Channel 4 News

Five Main Takeaways from Ducey’s State of the State (January 8, 2018), Phoenix New Times

Time to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment (October 21, 2017), Arizona Daily Star

ERA ratification needs only 2 more states (October 20, 2017), Arizona Daily Star

Arizona is trying to pass the Equal Rights Amendment. Here’s a guide to what it is and why Arizona matters (October 15, 2017), Arizona Daily Star

Letter: State bank could help with business loan (August 4, 2017), Arizona Daily Star

Rep. Pamela Powers Hannley: In politics, individual liberty has been promoted over social responsibility (July 15, 2017), Arizona Daily Star

A red-white-and-blue picnic takes less green, but some still left out (July 4, 2017), Cronkite News

Equal Rights Amendment scary to GOP, but is only way to equality  (June 15, 2017), Arizona Capitol Times

National popular vote and other ideas that did not make the cut (June 6, 2017), Capitol Times

Testy session, debates marked by use of ‘impugning’ rule in House (June 5, 2017), Capitol Times

Tucson in a Cat-and-Mouse Fight Against Nasty Synthetic Drug (May 21, 2017), Arizona Daily Star

Rep. Pamela Powers Hannley: She’s Not a Generic Democrat (May 15, 2017), Arizona Capitol Times

Lawmakers Wrap Up Session with Expanded Tax Breaks for Business (May 12, 2017), Daily Courier

Arizona Legislature Ends Term by Passing Slew of Tax Breaks for Businesses (May 10, 2017), Arizona Daily Star

Legislature ends session, passes tax breaks, reverses cuts to public benefits (May 10, 2017), May 10, 2017

We Stand on the Shoulders of Giants (May 10, 2017), ERA Action

Rep. Powers Hannley: Let’s End the Tax Giveaways to Corporations (May 8, 2017) Arizona House Democrats video

Arizona Still Hasn’t Ratified the Equal Rights Amendment, Because Republicans Took a Lunch Break Instead (May 1, 2017), Phoenix New Times

Rep. Powers Hannley Says if We Can Give Away $12 bill in Sales Tax, then We Can Raise Teacher Salaries 4% (May 1, 2017) Arizona House Democrats video

Equal Rights Amendment effort falls flat in Arizona Legislature (April 28, 2017), AZCentral/Arizona Republic

Rep. Powers Hannley Tried to Force a Vote on the Equal Rights Amendment Today (April 27, 2017) Arizona House Democrats video

GOP lawmakers stymie bid to vote on Equal Rights Amendment (April 27, 2017), Arizona Capitol Times

House recesses to quash vote on 1972 Equal Rights Amendment (April 27, 2017), Arizona Daily Star

ICYMI: Faith Leaders and Community Groups Call for Change to House Prayer Rules (April 21, 2017) Arizona House Democrats video

Secular and Humanist Leaders Invocation (April 20, 2017) Arizona House Democrats video

Arizona House Passes ‘Surprise Billing’ Measure To Protect Hospital Patients (April 20, 2017) KJZZ

Arizona House OKs bill targeting ‘surprise billing’ (April 19, 2017), Capitol Media Services/Pinal Central

Arizona House OKs bill protecting hospital patients from ‘surprise bills’ (April 19, 2017), Arizona Daily Star

Arizona House OKs Bill Targeting ‘Surprise Billing’ (April 19, 2017) US News

Rep. Powers Hannley Says We Need to Stay Vigilant on the Numerous Bills that Undermine Public Ed (April 18, 2017) Arizona House Democrats video

Rep. Powers Hannley Explains How Citizen Initiatives Are a Constitutional Right (April 10, 2017) Arizona House Democrats video

Tales from the Border: Day 3 (April 5, 2017) Associated Press (story and video)

Press Conference on ACA Repeal at the Capitol (March 23, 2017) Arizona House Democrats video

Rep. Powers Hannley Celebrates Nevada’s Approval of the ERA (March 22, 2017) Arizona House Democrats video

Spat Develops over Handicapped Parking Spaces (March 7, 2017), HavasuNews

How a tax-cut bill met its demise at the Arizona Legislature (March 6, 2017), AZCentral/Arizona Republic

Arizona House Rejects New Way for Big Companies like Intel to Use Tax Credits (March 3, 2017), KTAR News

Roberts: Why Is Arizona’s Legislature so Afraid of Arizona’s Voters? (March 2, 2017), AZCentral/Arizona Republic

Rep. Powers Hannley Standing Against Anything that Weakens the Citizen Initiative Process (March 2, 2017) Arizona House Democrats video

Bill will mandate recess for elementary kids (February 20, 2017), Capitol Media Services/Pinal Central

Rats and snakes beware: House gives preliminary approval to ‘snake shot’ bill (January 31, 2017), Capitol Times

Rep. Salman Commemorates the Roe v Wade Decision (January 26, 2017) Arizona House Democrats video

AZ Native American Caucus Response to President Trump Decision to Reinstate Keystone Pipeline and DPAL (January 25, 2017) Arizona House Democrats video

Rep. Pamela Powers Hannley #ImagineAnArizona (January 23, 2017) Arizona House Democrats video

More stumbles at Arizona Secretary of State’s Office (January 22, 2017), AZCentral/Arizona Republic

State Rep. Stefanie Mach in tossup to represent midtown Tucson (November 9, 2016), Arizona Daily Star

Southern Arizona House races: 2 new Republicans appear to be in, 1 incumbent may be out (November 8, 2016), Arizona Daily Star

Here are the local candidates we recommend this election (October 13, 2016), Arizona Daily Star

Star endorsement: Arizona Legislative District 9 (October 8, 2016), Arizona Daily Star

Political Notebook: Anti-McCain primary votes loom large (September 1, 2016), Arizona Daily Star

The rundown: Here’s who won and lost the primary races (August 31, 2016), Capitol Times

State House: Most incumbent Democrats doing well (August 30, 2016), Arizona Daily Star

Pamela Powers Hannley: Meet the Candidate (July 28, 2017), Arizona Daily Star

Democrats announce House committee assignments (November 28, 2016), Capitol Times

Zona Politics: Meet the Democrats Running for State House in District 9 (July 23, 2016), Tucson Weekly

Tim Steller’s Political Notebook: Flake takes on Trump (July 7, 2016), Arizona Daily Star

Letter: Let me clarify about Clean Elections funding (July 9, 2016), Arizona Daily Star (related to Political Notebook above)

Letter: The Star owes Bill and Hillary Clinton an apology (June 1, 2016), Arizona Daily Star

Rep. Steele resigns to run for Congress (January 11, 2016), Capitol Times

Steller: Huppenthal exposes private-school roots, and more (February 14, 2014), Arizona Daily Star (A foreshadowing of things to come?)