Forum on 5G on Sept 30: Health, Privacy, Preemption & Blight (video)

4g-5g towers

Wi-fi towers abound in the urban areas of Arizona, but with the advent of 5G and the “Internet of things,” expect thousands more.

Access to the Internet is a crucial part of modern life. During the COVID19 pandemic, many of us began living, working, partying, and going to school online. The Internet is an essential service, in my opinion.

With the advent of 5G technology, the “Internet of things” and “Smart Cities”, we are being promised faster connections and more connections. We can already connect our smart phones to security systems, home monitoring, and voice command devices. With 5G, the Internet of Things will explode beyond your current devices to include everyday appliances like refrigerators and services like electric usage that can be monitored not only by the user but also by Corporate America … and potentially the government. If you are concerned about your personal privacy and the privacy of your personal data, the Internet of Things may be a bit too connected for you.

In 2017, the Arizona Legislature passed HB2365 which fast-tracked 5G implementation in Arizona and preempted local control of new wi-fi towers all over Arizona. I was the only person in the Legislature who voted against HB2365 on Final Read. I saw the accelerated depreciation as a tax giveaway, and no one knew what the future cost was. Beyond that, the bill was extremely complex, and I didn’t think we knew what we were voting on. I was right.

Wi-fi towers are popping up all over Midtown Tucson, as a result of HB2365. The three tower photos above are all in Midtown in LD9. Because of the preemption in HB2365, the Tucson Mayor and City Council have no say in the placement of the towers or other regulations. Residents are supposed to be notified if a tower is to be placed in their curb lawn, but that doesn’t always happen, according to some of my constituents.

I am hosting a forum or listening session on 5G on Wednesday, Sept. 30, from 4:30-6 p.m. This event is the result of several meetings and phone calls with concerned Tucson residents and others from Maricopa County. The purpose is to connect these constituents with Legislators and with others who may want more information on 5G.



Rep. Pamela Powers Hannley: Introduction of topic and guests

Elizabeth Kelley, Executive Director: Electromagnetic Safety Alliance, Inc.: 5G Background and Basics

Dr. Russell Witte, Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering at the UA College of Medicine: Radiation and Potential Health Effects of 5G

Rep. Domingo DeGrazia: Privacy and Data Concerns with 5G

Lois Pawlak, auditor and resident of Midtown: Blight and Preemption Related to Wi Fi Towers


This is a complex topic. I’m looking forward to learning from our presenters and listening to what you think about 5G, the antennas, privacy, preemption, blight, and the Internet of Things. This event will be videotaped.


Is 5G ‘Risky Business’? (video) 

Small Cell Poles – FAQs and Information (City of Tucson website)

City map showing current and reserved spaces for poles

This video was originally published in February 2020.

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  1. Hi Pamela, Thank you for putting this forum together. I believe the health effects of 5g technology are potentially quite serious, based on two public fora I attended here in Tucson a few years back. I’ve also done some online research on the topic. The way this was rammed down our throats with great urgency, no public input, and pre-emptive legislation is breath-taking. We will all be living in the RF cloud 24/7/365 whether we like it or not…Look at where the towers are placed…Some of them are right next to schools, where the potential harm to still-developing brains of children is not even considered…Talk about an experiment!

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