Regulatory Affairs Committee: From Sprinklers to Noise Complaints (video)

Arizona Legislature

On Friday, you all got a two-fer. After the Regulatory Affairs Committee briefing, I decided to do a second video about two bills the Request to Speak regulars made want to comment on. Both of these bills are on the agenda for Regulatory Affairs today– February 3, 2020– if you want to comment.

HB2313 is a Grantham bill that preempts cities and towns from requiring business owners to install sprinkler systems and from finding them if they don’t install sprinkler systems. This is another one of those “what could go wrong?” bills that we hear in the deregulation committee. according to the restaurant Association, there are between 30 and 40 restaurants in Phoenix that seat more than 300 people and have a liquor license but don’t have sprinkler systems. I’d like a list so I can avoid those unsafe places.

HB2389 is a Townsend bill about noise nuisance complaints. It says that in order to file a noise complaint, a law-enforcement officer has to make a recording of the noise and do some sort of sound analysis. Who is going to provide and pay for this equipment? This bill also has a four month mandatory jail sentence for noise. (I bet this bill has an interesting back story.)

For anyone who follows the Legislature, you know that there are several bad bills that are in the queue and on the agendas this week. Stay tuned and watch for alerts.