Know Your Candidates: Early Voting Begins Aug 1 (video)

Rep. Pamela Powers Hannley

It’ go time, people. Today is July 26, 2018.

In five days, voter registration closes for the August 28 primary on July 30.

In seven days, early voting begins for the August 28 primary on August 1.

In 34 days, it will be Primary Election day on August 28.

It’s time for voters to get serious about making up their minds on who to vote for. Many news outlets– like the Arizona Republic and the Tucson Weekly— are compiling voter guides. (The link to the Republic’s guide is below. The Weekly’s will be published soon.) The state’s main Voter Education Guide, which you will receive in the US mail soon, is already available online here.

In addition to voter guides, organizations, nonprofits, and unions have released candidate statements and endorsements (linked below).

Rep. Pamela Powers Hannley
Rep. Pamela Powers Hannley

For your consideration, I have compiled a list of my endorsements, ratings, awards and news clips– along with links to five organizations that have compiled candidate issue statements.

I am asking for your vote on or before the August 28, 2018 primary and again in the fall– on or before the November 6, 2018 general election.

I promised to be the voice of the people in the Arizona Legislature, and that’s exactly what I did. As a Progressive Democrat and a Clean Elections candidate, I am beholden to no one but you– the voters of Arizona. I accept no big-money donations from lobbyists, special interest groups or unions. Votes should decide our elections– not money.

In the 53rd Legislature, I voted my values and stood up for your rights and wellbeing. The People’s work is not done. We must turn the Arizona Legislature around. It’s time that elected officials stopped voting to give our tax money away and started voting to fund the People’s To-Do List: education, healthcare, infrastructure, and safety and security. I am proud to say that I voted against every tax giveaway that was proposed in two years. Do you want a representative who stands with teachers, students and families or one who stands with the developers? That is your choice in the LD9 primary.

Please check out the links and videos below. It has been an honor to serve you for the past two years in the Arizona House. Thank you for your support.

2018 Endorsements for Rep. Pamela Powers Hannley

I am proud to be endorsed by several groups in advance of the August 28 primary.

  • Arizona Building and Construction Trades
  • Arizona Education Association
  • Arizona List
  • Arizona Medical Association
  • Arizona NOW (National Organization for Women)
  • Arizona Nurses Association
  • Arizona Pipe Trades Local 469
  • Arizona Realtors
  • Arizona State Lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police
  • Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona
  • Sierra Club, Grand Canyon Chapter


In addition, I have received high ratings from some important groups.

  • Arizona Advocacy Network: A rating.
  • Children’s Action Alliance: 100%.
  • Sierra Club: A rating.

Candidate Issue Statements

Several media outlets and nonprofit organizations collect candidate statements on different topics. Here are some that have been posted as of July 25, 2018.

Arizona Center for Economic Progress

Arizona Citizens for the Arts

Arizona Republic (all races), LD9 only

Children’s Action Alliance

Citizens Clean Elections Commission Voter Education Guide (This is a preview of the guide you will receive in the mail. In this day and age, it is somewhat shocking how many candidates don’t have websites. It is also surprising how many people are running for office!)


In 2018, I was honored with awards from:

  • National Association of Social Workers, Southern Arizona division
  • Secular Coalition of Arizona (2017 and 2018)
  • League of Cities and Towns


Showing up to work is part of any job. You would be surprised how many Legislators don’t come to the House floor for debates, don’t attend the Democratic Caucus Meetings, and don’t vote. In the two years I have been in the House, I missed one day and zero votes. (Why did I do on the day I missed? I attended the American Journal of Medicine Board Meeting in New York City.  I am the former managing editor and current social media editor for AJM, my other day job.)

News Articles

Check out my website’s In the News tab here for a compilation of news stories related to my work in the Arizona House and my campaign.

Video Debates

There have been two formal LD9 candidate forums or debates– the recent Clean Elections debate, which was attended by all five candidates, and the Tanque Verde Democrats forum, which Dr. Randy Friese missed due to hospital obligations. Here are the videos. For an annotated list of topics in the 1.5 hour Clean Elections, click here.

LD9 Clean Elections Debate, July 19, 2018

Tanque Verde Democrats LD9 Forum, May 12, 2018