Nov 2017 Constituent Update: News & Events

UA College of Medicine

My November 2017 update featured an essay related to the findings from the October healthcare forum, as well as several event updates. You can read 200 Stories: Healthcare Forum Attendees Reject Repeal of ACA here. Below are photos from events and field trips that I have taken recently. You can receive my monthly updates in your email inbox by signing up here.

Touring the UA College of Medicine & Mirror Lab

UA College of Medicine
Along with other Legislators, I toured new laboratory spaces at the University of Arizona College of Medicine (COM) and heard a research update from Dean Chuck Cairns, MD (left). I also reconnected with COM Deputy Dean for Research Dr. Anne Cress (right), whom I knew when I was in public relations at the Arizona Cancer Center. The people of Arizona are blessed to have these two competent and caring folks working for us in medical research. The researcher in the lab photo above is working on non-addictive pain treatments that could replace highly-addictive opioids on the market today. I also toured the amazing UA Mirror Lab (below) recently. I believe that the state should return to the practice of offering seed grants to young scientists in the university system. Preliminary data gathered with seed grant funds can be used to apply for larger national grants. Scientific research to benefit humanity + clean, good-paying jobs in the peace economy: this is what economic development looks like. (BTW, this is the 50th anniversary of the founding of the COM.)
UA Mirror Lab
Scientists build giant telescope mirrors in the UA Mirror Lab.

TMA Show Features Tucson Fashion

TMA show
The current show at the Tucson Museum of Art focuses on fashion as artistic expression. Tucked within the larger show is a section on Tucson’s fashion history, featuring designs by Cele Petersen (above), Ted DeGrazia, and others. Tucson still has many fashion and jewelry designers. Why not revive this industry with low-interest loans through a public/private partnership between community banks and a state public bank? Tucson has the people, the history, and the creative spirit. Tucson could be the Athens of the West, instead of the Dusty Pueblo, if our economic development efforts played to our strengths– science, art, design, music, food, great sunsets, good weather, eclectic culture, and interesting people. In November, I had a very productive meeting with Tucson City Councilwoman Regina Romero on how we could work together on new economic development strategies. It was heartening to have an open discussion about moving away from tax giveaways and toward more a diversified and sustainable economic development path.

Did You Get Mail?

In November, my volunteers and I mailed $5 Clean Elections (CE) forms and self-addressed, stamped envelopes to everyone who donated $5 to my 2016 campaign but have not donated $5 toward my 2018 re-election campaign. Please help me collect the 200 $5 qualifying contributions before January 2018, when the session starts. The session will be a wild one–given the state’s deep budget problems– thanks to Republican tax giveaways. I want to focus on YOU during the session– not on campaigning. If you received the mailing, please… mail the form and $5 back to me. You can also go here to donate $5 online and go here to sign my petition online. You can also donate seed money to via PayPal; seed money covers printing and other costs. Thanks for your support.

Not Your Grandfather’s Dairy

Zinke Dairy
We often hear that corporations need migrant workers because Americans “don’t want to do these jobs.” When I hear this statement, I picture farm workers picking vegetables. Recently, I toured two dairies and an animal feed packing plant in Pinal County. The photo above from the Zinke Dairy shows a giant cow milking carousel. Nine migrant workers milk 4000 cows three times a day at this dairy. Legislators watched the two men pictured here– working at a brisk pace– bend over and pick up, lift, and attach large electronic suction cups to the cows as they ride the carousel around the giant facility. This level of automation is the wave of the future for industrial jobs.

AZ/NV Lawmakers Meet Re ERA

It was truly a honor to meet Nevada State Senator Patricia Spearman (center) in October and to confer with her regarding our efforts to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) in Arizona. Spearman led the successful Nevada efforts to ratify the ERA in 2017. Here we are with activist and NOW leader Dainne Post after the ERA workshop at the We the People Conference in Phoenix. There are a lot of Arizona women who are ready to make history in 2018. Watch my blog here and my Facebook page here for ERA updates.

AZ List Hosts Wendy Davis

Arizona List
Texas Legislator Wendy Davis (center in tan shirt) captured the nation’s attention when she filibustered Texas anti-abortion laws a few years ago. It was an honor to meet her and hear her speak at a recent Arizona List event. Standing with Davis are current elected officials and candidates.

Podcasting at KXCI

The TenWest Festival took place downtown in October. This was a celebration of entrepreneurship, innovation, and community. I learned a lot of tips from Bridgette during the podcasting class at KXCI’s studio in the Congress Hotel.

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