There are multiple ways supporters can help my re-election campaign.

Donate $5 for Clean Elections & Sign My Petition

Residents of Legislative District 9 (map here), can sign my nominating petition and make a $5 Clean Elections Contribution on the Arizona Secretary of State’s website.

If you live in LD9  and you have not signed my petition or given me a $5 Clean Elections Contribution, please… take a minute to do it now by clicking the links below. My goal is to collect all of my Clean Elections Contributions before the 2018 session starts. That way, come January 2018, I can focus on my work in the Arizona House and on meeting and talking with voters.

To support Clean Elections & donate $5, click here

Equal $5 Link


To sign my nominating petition, click here

Sign My Petition

Donate Seed Money by PayPal

As a Clean Elections candidate, I have pledged not to take any big money donations from businesses, PACs (Political Action Committees), unions, or dark money donors. Only real people who are eligible to vote can contribute to my campaign (no corporate people). In 2016, my average seed money donation was $25.

Anyone eligible to vote in the US, can contribute up to $160 (total) seed money to my campaign, by going to my PayPal account or mailing a check. Thanks to Arizona’s Clean Elections Commission, you are assured that clean candidates will work for citizens– and not dark money donors and special interest groups.

Just click on this Powers for the People donation button (below) to link to my Pay Pal account (


For campaign finance reporting, please type your employer name, your occupation, email address, and phone number into the “special instructions” box on the PayPal form. Thank you!

PayPal Donations

Donate Seed Money by Check

Please mail seed money checks of not more than $160 my post office box. (PayPal takes a percentage of each donation; with a mailed check, the total donation goes to my campaign.) For campaign finance reporting, please include your full name and address, your employer name, your occupation, email address, and phone number.

Powers Hannley for House 2018
P.O. Box 42284
Tucson, Arizona 85733


As a Clean Elections Candidate, I need all the volunteer help I can get. Watch my Facebook page, my email blasts and my blog for volunteer opportunities–including canvassing, tabling and postcard parties– and upcoming events like house parties, coffees and townhalls.

Thanks for your support. It’s time for change in the Arizona Legislature. It’s time for reform in Arizona. See you on the campaign trail.