Hey, #LD9, Give Me $5!

Pamela Powers Hannley

The campaign filing period has begun. All petitions must be filed with the Secretary of State’s Office by close of business on June 1, 2016.

Things are heating up on the streets with multiple bands of candidates and volunteers collecting signatures– including the #PowersForThePeople Team. Thanks to the many volunteers who collected signatures and Clean Elections $5 Contributions while I was out of town on business (plus a side trip to see long-time friends).

My good friend Rachel has been verifying all of our hard work collecting signatures and $5s at the four house parties, many days of library tabling, political events, and the door steps of LD9.

I’m proud to say that we surpassed the minimum number of verified signatures to quality for the ballot a few weeks ago. We will be working on our signature cushion for another few weeks. We have also nearly reached the maximum amount of seed money my campaign can collect ($4000). Thank you so much to my many friends in Tucson and other states who contributed seed money. I’d like to especially thank my mother-in-law Agnes Hannley for her seed money donation. She can’t sign my petition or give me $5 (because she is a registered Republican in LD10), but she donated to my campaign because she “supports good people running for office” and “doesn’t care about the party.” Right on.

What I really need are more $5 Clean Elections contributions from residents of LD9 in order to quality for public funding.

If you live in LD9 (Speedway in midtown, up into the foothills, west to Interstate 10 and east to around Sabino Canyon, map) and you have not signed my petition or given me a $5 Clean Elections Contribution, please… take a minute to do it now by clicking the links below. The sooner I submit my $5s, the sooner I will get my public funding. Remember, I am running on small donations of seed money until I get my $5s. As a Clean Elections candidate, I have pledged not to take any big money donations from businesses, PACs, unions, or dark money donors– only real people who are eligible to vote can contribute to my campaign (no corporate people).

To donate $5, click here

Equal $5 Link


To sign my nominating petition, click here

Sign My Petition

Thanks for your support. It’s time for change in the Arizona Legislature. It’s time for reform in Arizona.

SAVE THE DATE: Save the date for my next house party, hosted by former Pima County Democratic Party Chair Don Jorgensen and his gracious wife Kathy. The event will be on May 15, 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. Event and RSVP details here on Facebook.