Foothills House Party for Pamela Powers Hannley, April 20

Pamela Powers Hannley

My “Give Me $5” House Party series continues on April 20 with party in the Tucson Foothills. The hosts are Peter and Cathy Becskehazy, Debbie and Jim Gessaman, and Gypsy Lyle. The party is 5-7 p.m. at the Becskehazy home. (Invitation, address, and RSVP info below.)

This is my fourth house party. I want to sincerely thank all of my hosts: Roberta and Michael Lewis, Dr. Barbara Warren, Dr. Eve Shapiro, Dr. Rick Graap, Dr. Don Jorgensen, Andrew Broan, Susan Willis, Michael Gordy and Bridget Stoll-Gordy, Barbara Cain, the Becskehazys, the Gessamans, and Gypsy Lyle. Thank you so much for helping me!

If you live in LD9 and have not attended one of my “Meet the Candidate” parties, you’re invited! If you can’t attend, please support my campaign by signing my nominating petition here and giving me a $5 Clean Elections Donation here. If you are eligible to vote in the US, you can make a seed money donation of up to $160 through PayPal. Here is the website link.

If you are ready for reform in the Arizona Legislature, send a reformer to Phoenix. #PowersForThePeople

Pamela Powers Hannley

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