#LD9 Voters: Please Sign My Petition & ‘Give Me $5’

Pamela Powers Hannley

Calling all Democrats and Independents in Legislative District 9, please help me get on the ballot by signing my nominating petition and giving me a $5 Clean Elections Contribution.

Thanks to modern technology, you can do this from the comfort of your computer on the Secretary of State’s (SOS) website.  Here’s how…

Sign Petition

Get your drivers’ licence ready to verify who you are and go to this link:

Once you have logged in with your Drivers’ License, birthday, and name, the SOS website will show you the petitions that you can sign online. I need a minimum of 400 signatures (plus overage) to get my name on the ballot.

Make a $5 Clean Elections Contribution

I also need a minimum of 250 $5 Clean Elections Contributions to receive public funding for this race.

Once you have signed the petition, scroll down a bit to the link that says “Show me the candidates I am eligible to give $5 Qualifying Contributions”. That link takes you to the Clean Elections Commission. (Yes, they make you verify your identity again, sorry about that.)

Lobbyists and PACs spend big money on both sides of the aisle in the Arizona Legislature to buy influence and access. If you believe that politicians should be beholden to the voters and not to big money donors, please support me and other Clean Elections Candidates.  Voters– not money– should elect our leaders.

LD9, Arizona
Legislative District 9