At every turn, Republicans in the Arizona Legislature moves to restrict the rights of women, deny basic health services, limit access to contraception and abortion, turn a blind eye to pay inequality, and eliminate quality education for our children. I say, “Enough is enough!” Arizona women deserve equality, but we won’t have true equality until we have control over our own bodies, equal pay for equal work, an equal voice in government (not just a few seats), and the Equal Rights Amendment.

The Arizona Legislature passed three anti-woman bills during the 53rd Legislature– the fetal resuscitation bill (2017), why do you want an abortion bill (2018), and restrictions on funds for services for pregnant homeless women. Even though the Arizona Legislature has the highest percentage of women of any state Legislature, anti-woman and anti-choice bills pass on a party-line vote because Republican women vote against women’s rights.

This has got to stop. Women make up 51 percent of the population. At some point Republicans will realize that there are more women in Arizona– than there are Republicans.

I full support women’s rights to control their own bodies and make their own medical decisions. I have been endorsed by the National Organization for Women (Arizona NOW), Arizona List, Emily’s List, and Planned Parenthood of Southern Arizona.

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