At one of the forums, the LD9 candidates were asked about endorsements. My opponents have more endorsements from Political Action Committees (PACs) than I do because as privately funded candidates, they can take PAC money.

As a Clean Elections candidate and a challenger, I have only a handful of endorsements — primarily from women’s groups and from groups that are interested in the health and wellbeing of our citizens.

What I do have is support from voters in LD9. The people who endorse my campaign are the 277 LD9 voters who gave me $5 for Clean Elections, the ~800 voters who signed my petition, and the 95 people who gave me seed money. Mine is a campaign of the people— not a campaign built by local power brokers or big money donations. Fifty-eight percent of my seed money donations were $25 or less.

Check out these video testimonials from supporters.

David Aguirre

Dr. Joseph S. Alpert

Chetan Bafna

Joanne Basta

Cathy and Peter Becskehazy

Betty and Peter Bengston

Helen Tarnowski Boyce

Beth Britton

Andrew Broan

Ellen Brown, author

Michael Bryan

Barbara Cain

Bob and Elaine Clark

Karen Clifton

Dr. James Dalen and Priscilla

Senator Andrea Dalessandro

Judy Dare

Douglas Ditto

Merrill Eisenberg

Andrew Gardner

Debbie and Jim Gessaman

Michael Gordy and Bridget Stoll-Gordy

Dr. Raymond Graap

Ellen Graver

Peter Ianchiou

Alvin Jenkins and Rex Vanard

Sarah Harris and William Knight

Roberta and Michael Lewis

Phil and Pam Lopes

Gypsy Lyle

Brad Holland

Randall Holmes

Mary Nell Hoover

Jan Howard

Don and Kathy Jorgensen

Peg Kaufman and Mary Perdue

Carol and John King

Rachel Mark

Michelle Maliniak

Heather Ayer Mclean

Shirley Muney

Joe Murphy

Shari Murphy

Margo and Larry Newhouse

John O’Hare

Mark O’Hare

Robert Owens

Jenise Porter


Alexandra Queen

Janice Rickart-Mueller

Connie Sadler-Nelson

Geneva Saupe

Eve Shapiro

Rebecca Shulman

Victoria Steele

Marge Swiencicki

John Villinski

Richard and Marcy Watchman

Sandra Vomaska

Dr. Barbara Warren

Keith and Carol Wilburn

Susan Willis