After having spent most of January and February tabling, canvasing, and attending events in Legislative District 9, it’s time to party!

February 28 is the first of my “Give Me $5” house parties. It will be held in the Foothills of LD9, at the home of my friends Roberta and Michael Lewis; co-hosts are Barabara Warren, Eve Shapiro and Don Jorgensen.

The purpose of the party is to meet and talk with LD9 voters and to collect signatures and $5 Clean Elections Contributions. Please help me wrap up my qualifying contributions so I can get my Clean Elections funds early.

Check out the event on my Facebook page here.

If you can’t make this one, no worries. There will be others upcoming in Midtown Tucson. You can also sign my petition and make a Clean Elections Contribution by visiting the Secretary of State’s website and following the links.

Pamela Powers Hannley