Five Online Events Coming Up with Rep. PPH

Rep. Pam Powers Hannley

Now that the primary is over, and fall is coming (hopefully), different types of events are popping up on the calendar. I have five events coming up in the next few weeks, some campaign-related and some Legislative. All of these free events are on my Facebook page. All of them require some form of registration; the two ticketed events that I am hosting require Event Brite registration. Here are the details and the links.

Powers for the People Volunteer Organizing Event, Aug 17, 4-5 p.m.

Join the Powers for the People team for a virtual meeting on how you can help me get re-elected in November. As you know, the Chamber of Commerce, the developers, and businesses that like prison labor are backing my Republican challenger. He has Big Money donors behind him. I have Clean Elections money and you. There are many ways you can help from your own home, like making phone calls, mailing or giving postcards to your friends, and helping with social media. For people who like to walk in the morning, we will be doing contact-free lit drops.  Here is the Event Brite link to register for this event. If you want to volunteer but can’t make the Monday event, contact me on my Facebook event here OR through Facebook Messenger to me or to my Campaign Manager A.J. Flick OR via email to Thank you!

LD9 Virtual Town Hall, Aug 19, 5-6 p.m.

My seatmate Dr. Randy Friese and I are on our own for the LD9 town hall on Aug 19, due to multiple scheduling issues. This forum will follow the same format at before. Registration on Event Brite here is required for security purposes. There will be updates by the two of us, perhaps a guest, and Q&A at the end. This will be videotaped. If you want to watch past LD9 town halls and other political events, check out my Event Playlist on YouTube for a walk down memory lane. (I have spent quite a bit of time this summer building out my YouTube channel, uploading more office videos, and organizing the videos into playlists. Check out my channel here.) For more information, my Facebook event for this town hall is here.

Rep. PPH at Democrats of Greater Tucson, Aug 24, noon – 1 p.m.

Join me on August 24 for Democrats of Greater Tucson. I am the featured speaker for the popular lunchtime event, which is still at lunchtime but now online. I will be discussing: economic and public health challenges facing the Legislature in January 2021; envisioning a more just post-COVID19 world; and why Arizona and the US need a Blue Wave in November 2020 to have any chance of building a more just world. Register with DGT here. For more information, my Facebook event is here. This event will be videotaped if you miss it. Past DGT talks can be viewed here.

Rep. PPH at Capitol Times Forum on Holistic Health, Aug 27, 8-9 a.m.

I am delighted that the Capitol Times invited me to participate in an online forum on holistic health as part of their Morning Scoop series. Also involved in the forum are two naturopathic doctors and Rep. Nancy Barto, chair of the Health and Human Services Committee. This will be videotaped if you miss it. Here is the link to register at the Capitol Times.

This forum topic is right up my alley. Although I have a Masters in Public Health, I have served on the House Health Committee for four years, and I was Managing Editor of the American Journal of Medicine for 12 years,  I respect the healing power of natural and alternative medicine. Before Big Pharma and Big Insurance geared up after WWII, all humanity had was natural and “alternative” (AKA, non-Western, non-pharmaceutical, prevention-oriented) medicine. This broad category would include medicinal plants, herbs, healthy food, exercise, meditation, relaxation, massage, chiropractic, acupuncture, yoga, tai chi, chi gong and more, in my opinion. It should be fun.

LD9 Clean Elections Debate, Sept 15, 6-7:30 p.m.

September 15 seems far away, but it is only one month from tomorrow! September 15 is the date for the LD9 Clean Elections debate online. Part of the mission of the Citizens Clean Elections Commission (CCEC) is to educate the voters. They publish both a paper and an online version of the voter guide for each election and host debates. Clean candidates like myself are required to debate. Participating in CCEC debates is optional for everyone else running in LD9 because they are all running traditional. (In fact, the only other person in Southern Arizona who is running clean is Senator Andrea Dalessandro.) Who of the other three candidates running for office in LD9 will debate? Only time will tell. You can watch it live on the Clean Elections YouTube channel here. Past debates are archived on the CCEC YouTube channel if you miss it. You can go to the Clean Elections website to check out the Candidate Compass (to see how your views match with candidate views) and to submit questions for the debate.

I hope to see you at one or more events. Stay tuned to this blog and to my Facebook page for updates and events.