Thirty-three percent of Arizona school children who are on free or reduced lunch programs are not proficient in English reading by the fourth grade. Recently, we learned that 1400 third graders will be held back because they can’t read and they failed a high-stakes test. Instead of focusing on why Arizona’s school children aren’t doing well in school, let’s step back and look at the families. Twenty percent of Arizona children have parents who are not fluent in English. We not only need preschool, all-day kindergarten, and fully funded public education, we also need reading tutors, librarians and adult literacy. If we can help parents learn to read and speak English, they can better help their children read, and they will be qualified for better jobs. Help me help families thrive. Please vote for me in the August 30 Democratic Primary and again in the November 8 general election. Together we can build a stronger Arizona for future generations.