‘A View from the Left Side’: New Podcast from Rep. PPH (video)

Rep. Pam Powers Hannley

I’m not the politician who strides into the room with an entourage and takes the first opportunity to grab a mic and give a speech. I’m the politician who wanders around parties and events chitchatting incognito until somebody, like my husband, tips people off and blows my cover.

Before COVID, I heard a lot of your stories with this way.

Literally everywhere I go–even to Jim’s recent Rincon Rangers High School Reunion–people tell me how much they appreciate getting an insider’s view of the Arizona Legislature through my video updates and blog posts.

Although this blog has been quiet since the end of a grueling, six-month Legislative session, I have been busy in the background.* Given the dismal state of our state government and the struggles to make progressive change in the Congress, I decided to up my communication game and start a weekly podcast.  Each episode of A View from the Left Side focuses on a specific topic and includes a commentary to set the stage, followed by guest interviews. My podcast is available in podcast format through several services like Spotify, Stitcher Radio, I Heart Radio and others. You can also subscribe to my YouTube channel and get the podcast, along with my other updates.

A View from the Left Side began with a soft opening on August 20 with Episode 1: The State of Politics in Arizona. There is obviously a lot of material for a political podcast in Arizona. 

Ending on June 30, 2021, the first session of the 55th Legislature was the longest session in recent history because it took the Republicans two months to get their radical agenda passed. With the House split 31-29, they needed every one of their members to pass horrible ideological bills like the Flat Tax, the alternative tax to get around Prop 208 (Invest in Ed), Arizona’s extreme anti-abortion bill (SB1457), Critical Race Theory, Empowerment Scholarship (ESA) expansion and the PEVL purge and other voter suppression.

As predicted, the state got sued over several laws and petition drives started. In Episode 2: Arizonans Fight Back Against #AZLeg Republicans with Six Referenda, my guests detail the pushback against extremist Republican ideas. Other episodes cover hot topics like COVID 19, reproductive choice, online gaming and more. Here is a list of the eight episodes that I have published. Look for new episodes every Friday. They premiere on podcast format first, followed by YouTube. (The YouTube version includes some video, whereas the podcast version is only audio.)

A View from the Left Side Episodes

Episode 1: The State of Politics in Arizona Podcast Format / YouTube

Episode 2: Arizonans Fight Back Against #AZLeg Republicans with Six Referenda Podcast Format / YouTube

Episode 3: Arizona Bowl: Using Sex to Sell Football and Gaming Podcast Format / YouTube

Episode 4: Labor Day: How Unions Are Organizing Arizona Podcast Format / YouTube

Episode 5: Fighting Back Against Repressive Anti-Choice Laws in Arizona and Texas Podcast Format / YouTube

Episode 6: COVID19 in Arizona: Where Are We Now? 18 Months Later … Podcast Format / YouTube

Episode 7: The Filibuster: It’s Time to Remove a Relic of Racism Podcast Format / YouTube

Episode 8: Updates: From Taxes to Reproductive Rights and COVID … What’s the Latest? Podcast Format / YouTube

* NOTE: I have since added the podcast episodes to this website for easy access.

With Increasing Heat & Decreasing Water Supply, How Will Climate Change Shape Arizona's Future? A View from the Left Side

Long-term drought, extreme heat, intense fires and unpredictable weather — obviously, Arizona is feeling the effects of climate change now. Governor Doug Ducey and Republican Legislators continue to pursue the capitalist path of unbridled and unchecked growth as the road to prosperity, with no concern regarding the environmental impact or the long-term sustainability of their ideas.  In her speech to the  UN climate conference in 2019, teen climate activist Greta Thunberg called the corporate push for more consumerism … more growth … more building  "fairytale" and warned world leaders that the youth of planet Earth expect action. In 2021, Thunberg called the COP26 climate conference in Glasgow "more blah, blah, blah" and scolded leaders for making little progress. Climate change is a ticking time bomb. The human race has roughly this decade to make major changes in order stop the worst effects of climate change. For the commentary this week, you'll hear Thunberg scolding world leaders for inaction on climate change on behalf of the world's children in 2019.InterviewMy guest this week is Sandy Bahr, who is the Chapter Director for the Grand Canyon Chapter of the Sierra Club. Bahr is a regular at the Arizona capitol. We discuss the current status of Arizona's water supply, weather, and politics.Time StampsPPH Commentary 0:42 Youth Climate Activist Greta Thunberg Addressing UN Conference in 2019 1:43  Interview with Sandy Bahr 6:42  What Does the Sierra Club Do? 7:38  What Is the Status of the Drought and Arizona's Water Supply? 8:40   Groundwater Pumping Is Killing Our Perrenial Rivers 10:27  Anything Goes' in Some Parts of Arizona. Enter 'Super Pumpers'. 11:44  Despite Water Shortages  Governor and Republicans Still Focus on Growth 13:45  Republican Pipe Dreams 14:27  Water Shortages in 2022 Due to Lake Mead Level 17:38 Agriculture Will Be Effected First by Water Shortages 18:12 If We're Going to Pay Farmers  Why Not Pay Them to Grow Sustainable Crops? 18:46  Heavy Groundwater Pumping in Cochise County Fuels Feed Crops for Other Countries 20:17   Will We Have Water Shortages and Rationing in 2022? 21:43  Cochise County Residents Want an Active Management Area to Save the Water Supply 22:43 Rep. Gail Griffin of Cochise County Has Blocked Good Water Bills from Republicans and Democrats 23:16  Did the Summer Rain Help Us with the Drought? 24:30  The Drought Is Not Over 25:02 Both Phoenix and Tucson Set Extreme Heat Records in 2020 25:12  Phoenix Creates Its Own Weather Patterns 25:40 With Climate Change Arizona Will Get Hotter and Drier 26:13  COP26: What Happens to Arizona if Global Temperatures Rise Above 1.5 Degrees? 28:03   This Is a Climate Crisis and an Extinction Crisis 29:59  NOW Is the Time for Bold Action if We Are Going to Avoid the Worst Impacts of Climate Change 30:59  Extreme Heat Kills People 31:43 Destabilizing the Climate Has Huge Implications for the Future of Humanity 33:06   COP26: Are World Leaders or Multinational Corporations in Charge of Our Planet's Future? 33:34  This Is the Time to Say 'NO' to the Fossil Fuel Industry 34:07  With Many Open Seats in the Arizona Legislature in 2022,  We Have the Opportunity to Elect Better Representation 34:45
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