#PowersForThePeople Signatures & $5s Submitted May 27

After five house parties, nine days of library tabling, regular canvassing on our bikes, dozens of meetings, soirees, and dinners, and several community events– like Labor Day, Pride in the Desert, the Martin Luther King Jr March, the Peace Fair, Cyclovia, the Foothills Forum, the Tanque Verde Democrats Women Candidates’ Forum, Udall Dinner, and the Garden District Porch Fest— I am proud to say that the Pamela Powers Hannley for House team has met and talked with hundreds of residents of LD9. In the process, the team collected roughly double the number of required signatures and an ample number of Clean Elections Qualifying Contributions to get on the ballot.

Can I get a high 5?

We delivered everything to the Secretary of State’s office in Tucson on Friday, May 27, 2016. The official count from the SOS was 767. Here is a link to the full list of Legislative candidates. Unfortunately, many people who should have Democratic Party opponents don’t. 🙁

The campaign will be moving into phase II, focusing on the primary race. As you know, there are three of us Dems– the incumbent, the appointee, and me— running for the two LD9 Arizona House seats. The two Dems who survive the primary election on August 30 will face Tea Party Republican Ana Henderson on November 8. It is interesting to note that the two women are Clean Elections candidates, and the two guys are running privately funded campaigns.

Clean Elections
You’ll note on the home page that my donation button has been removed. That’s because I’m a Clean Elections candidate, running on small donations and public funds.

Unlike ever other campaign in Tucson (other than Henderson’s), I will not be asking you for any more money! As a Clean Elections candidate, I will receive one lump sum for the primary race and a larger pot of money for the general election. I have reached my limit on seed money, so even if you wanted to give me money, I can’t accept it.

What I do need is help!

Don Jorgensen and Pamela Powers Hannley
Don and Kathy Jorgensen hosted a party for candidates in May.

House parties: We will be having more house parties to meet LD9 voters and share concerns and ideas. If you would like to volunteer to help at a house party or to host one. Watch the event tab on my Facebook page or sign up here for updates, if you want to attend a house party or help out.

Canvassing: We will continue to canvass regularly during the summer. This helps me reach voters who are not Democratic Party regulars and who are not on social media. I am planning afternoon weekday canvasses (3:30 – 6 or so) and weekend mornings. These opportunities will be posted on this blog and on the event tab of my Facebook page.

Phone Banking: We will be setting up virtual phone banking that you can do from the comfort of your own home and your own computer. This is a great way to help me with name recognition. All you need is an Action ID in the VAN, and I can send you a call list.

Speaking Engagements: Call me– 609-0178– if you need a speaker!

Pamela Powers Hannley
Now it’s all about meeting voters and sharing ideas and concerns.

Social Media: Let’s share! My Twitter and Instagram accounts are @p2hannley.

pam-tech park-web
I have a background in research. Help me build Tucson’s tech industry and grow our own local businesses.

To volunteer: send me a PM on Facebook, email to p2h@iCloud.com, or call (520-609-0178).

Sign Up for Updates:
Here is a link to subscribe to my mailing list and receive updates about events and volunteer opportunities. I can’t do this without you.

If you think that big money has ruined our political system, if you believe in progressive values, and if you want a representative who will work for you– and not for the rich and powerful– please help with my campaign and vote for me on August 30… and November 8.

Thank you so much for your support, your signatures, and your $5 donations! We can do this.