Counting $5 Clean Elections Contributions in my dining room.
Counting $5 Clean Elections Contributions in my dining room.

Obscene amounts of dark money have flooded US elections since the Supreme Court upheld the Citizens United case and ruled that money = speech.

As a progressive, I believe that the voters should choose candidates– not the highest bidder. That’s why I have chosen to run as a Clean Elections candidate. As such, only voters– not big corporations, dark money groups, or unions– can donate to my campaign.

Anyone who lives in Legislative District 9 and who is not a registered Republican can sign my nominating petition and make a $5 Clean Elections Contribution by visiting the Secretary of State’s website here. (If you’re not sure which district you live in, this website will tell you.)

Clean Elections candidates can collect up to ~$4000 total in seed money donations from anyone eligible to vote in the US. Individual donations must not exceed $160/person.

Just click on this Powers for the People donation button (below) to link to my Pay Pal account.


For campaign finance reporting, please type your employer name, your occupation, email address, and phone number into the “special instructions” box on the PayPal form.

You can also just send a check payable to Pamela Powers Hannley for House to:

Pamela Powers Hannley for House
P.O. Box 42284
Tucson, Arizona 85733

Please include your name, address, occupation, and employer for campaign finance reporting purposes.

Thank you! Let’s bring power back to the people together.