Pamela Powers Hannley
Me at the Clean Elections Office for candidate training.

Today, I officially became a candidate for the Arizona House, representing Legislative District 9. This is the seat which is currently held by Rep. Victoria Steele, who has decided to challenge US Congressional Rep. Martha McSally for Congress.

Watch this site for news about this campaign and ways you can help by donating money or time. I am running as a Clean Elections Candidate, which means I won’t accept any money from political action committees (PACs), businesses, or unions– only from you, the voters.

To get on the ballot, I need to collect 300 $5-dollar Clean Elections qualifying contributions from residents of LD 9 and 412-1234 valid signatures from people who live in Pima County. If you don’t know what legislative district you are in, the Clean Elections site has many great voter education links, including finding your district.)

I can receive seed money donations up to $4011 from any US citizen who is eligible to vote. Clean Elections donations are capped at $160 cash per person. (Hence the term “clean elections”– no dark money accepted here. Look for a donate button in the near future.) You can actually sign my petition and donate $5 by going to the Secretary of State’s E-Qual page. I’m hoping to gather all of my citizen $5 Clean Elections qualifying contributions and my signatures gathered this year, which would make me eligible for the Clean Elections funds in January.