Paradise Valley & Scottsdale, Do You Want More Blight? (video)

Republican bills leave yard signs up longer

We had a rousing debate about political signs and Senator Michelle Ugenti-Rita’s SB1432 on Monday. SB1432 doubles the amount of time political signs can stay up after the primary and general elections. In a previous year, the Legislature increased the number of days before the elections that signs can be put up. Recently, the House passed SB1722 which extends the time political signs can stay up in HOAs and planned communities.

Paradise Valley and Scottsdale residents, do you like the blight and traffic hazards caused by political signs? Your Legislators — MUR and Reps. John Kavanagh and Joseph Chaplik — are the sponsors and biggest proponents of 1432 and 1722.

I think the Legislature should repeal SB1487, the ultimate local government preemption bill proposed by Kavanagh several years ago. That would give municipalities the leeway to control these political signs.

My constituents think the signs are blight, and I do too. I print only a modest amount of small yard signs, compared to Chaplik’s $6000 worth of signs. Signs are environmentally insensitive. Candidates have other cheaper, more effective and less wasteful ways of communicating than yard signs.

UPDATE: SB1432 died on the floor of the House, but Chaplik changed his vote at the last minute, brought it up for consideration, and convinced the lone GOP “no” to switch to “yes”. As of April 23, 2021, it is waiting for the governor’s signature. SB1722 was signed by the governor earlier in April. Look for more signs in the next election cycle.