RTS Alert HB2014: Republicans Attack Clean Elections … Again (video)

Clean Elections

The citizens of Arizona created the Citizens Clean Elections Commission (CCEC) and the process to run as a “clean” candidate in 1998. It was a reaction by the people of Arizona to widespread corruption in the Arizona Legislature, following the AZ Scam investigation. Every year since then, Arizona Republicans have mounted an attack on Clean Elections. Heaven forbid … we should allow politicians to run for office on their ideas and values and deny big money donations. Every year that he has been in office, Rep. Leo Biasiucci has been the CCEC hit man. His HB2014 weakens the watchdog function of the Clean Elections Commission by adding more bureaucracy. I believe that Clean Elections should be expanded — not repeatedly attacked and weakened.

Please log onto RTS and #JustSayNo to HB2014, which in on the House Government and Elections Committee. The chair is not allowing remote participation for people — only for Legislators. RTS and in-person testimony are the only ways people can officially make their opinions known.

UPDATE: HB2014 passed the House and the Senate Government Committee on a party line vote but was not heard in Senate Rules, as of April 28. (Keep your fingers crossed that it is dead.)