Inauguration Day 2021: Face Masks & Chain Link (video)

Arizona Legislature

Inauguration Day for the Arizona Legislature was January 11, 2021 — five days after the insurrection at the US Capitol. Since the occupation of the nation’s Capitol, the Arizona Capitol has been surrounded by chain link fencing to protect us from armed threats from the outside. Unfortunately, inside, the threat of COVID19 is not being taken seriously, in my opinion. Although the Arizona House has a policy that says members, guests and staff must wear face masks, it was not enforced at all for Opening Day. On Opening Day, it was easy to spot the Democrats because we were all wearing face masks. Most of the Republicans either didn’t wear a mask or took them off and on during the two hours we were on the Floor. After four years on the left side of the House Floor, my new seat is way in the back on the right. At first I was perturbed about the move, but at least with my new seat I am surrounded by Democrats who believe in science and in wearing masks. Going forward, mask enforcement and online vs in-person committee attendance is being left up to committee chairs. It’s a hodge-podge policy. It will be a wild ride this year. Buckle up.

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  1. Is there any way that you and the rest of the Democrats who are being subjected to possible COVID-19 exposure by the Republican members of the AZ Legislature, can file a class action lawsuit citing criminal negligence by either the Republican Party or the members (or maybe both) who are not wearing masks?

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